Suikouen Matsuno[General info-Hot springs deep inside Japan]

Separate-from-main guest room - Tokyo Nishitama Okutama-cho

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Spring quality of a hot spring
Simple sulfur spring (include salt Sodium-Hydrogen-Carbonate spring) Water-white
Effect of a hot spring
Muscular pain, recovery from fatigue, neuralgia, an arthritic pain, a frozen shoulder, oversensitivity to cold, and lustrous skin


booking term
Child A: A dish is a dish for children. A Rates is 15000 yen. Child B: With no setup Infant: With no futon Overnight stay with 2 meals of 5000 yen
booking info
the difference of a Rates -- a dish -- measure Holiday season: New Year
Distance km
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute

The JR Chuo Line unripe ume high speed, about 1 hour and 20 minutes
Ome station
JR Ome Line, about 30 minutes
Kawai station
On foot 5 to 6 minutes

Central way Hachioji IC
R411, about 1 hour

Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway unripe ume IC
R411, about 30 minutes

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