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Hidden hot spring stand aloof Tochigi Nasumachi, Nasu-gun

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  1. 受付を透明なビニールシートで遮断
  2. ドアノブは定期的に消毒
  3. 浴室の入場制限を実施
  4. 従業員のマスク着用
  5. 宿泊客へマスク着用を依頼
  6. 共有スペース、トイレ入り口等へ消毒液を配置
  7. 宿泊客へ食事の際の手洗い、消毒、直前までマスク着用を依頼
  8. 現在は常時換気、秋季以降は換気を強化
  9. 料理提供に関わる従業員の衛生管理の徹底
  10. 従業員の毎日の健康状態をチェック
  11. 宿泊客の検温実施と健康状態の聞き取り
  12. 食事の際、座席間隔を離して配膳
  13. 共有スペース等の消毒
  14. GoToトラベルの適用には、コロナ対策へのご協力と同伴者全員の写真付き身分証明書のご提示、及び住所氏名連絡先のご記入、代表者の給付明細書へのご署名が必要になります。(詳しくは上記リンクからGoToトラベルホームページもご参照ください。)
open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
little sodium Simple spring Thing near an iron spring water-white -- 50-57 °
Efficacy of a hot spring
Womens diseases, hemorrhoid, neuralgia, a gastroenteric disorder, infertility, etc.
inner bath
The inner bath separated by gender is plurality.
private inner bath
Lodger no charge (one place)
open air bath
and a mixed bathing open-air bath
Lobby possible
Check in hour
Check out hour
pick up
Public parking lot
Credit card
Credit Card Payment Not Available.

A Rates and the plan list for stay tentative reservation

booking term
Adult: For a junior high school student to the - child A, a school child and the child B are from a junior high school student to 4 to 6 years old (preschooler), and infant:3 years old. child A(6 or more years old): -- a Ryokan and a dish -- dish for children a Rates -- 6400 yen with no yukata with a bedclothes sheet at the time of a Touji and a staying self cooking -- :weekday of 4400 yen Before holiday of 4800 yen Child B (only 4 or more years-old Ryokan): A dish is a dish for children. A Rates is 5400 yen. Infant (with no bedclothes meal): One or more years old, 1000 yen 0 years old is no charge.
booking info
a Rates and a:room - b: Day of the week - c: The number - of stays d: A meal - etc. -- measure. Holiday season: 4/28-5/7 8/10-8/20 10/15-10/27 12/30-1/6 Year-ends-and-New-Year-holidays 12/30~1/6 At the time of a staying self cooking (staying without meals) Yukata: 350 yen per sheet Yukata heavy outer kimono: 500 yen per sheet From spring to autumn: Inside of 4/- the end of an October
[Cancellations - 北温泉旅館]
The date when cancel request received. / The cancelation fee.
No showOn the daythe day before
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
Tokyo station
Shinkansen about 75 minutes
Nasushiobara station

Sendai station
Shinkansen about 75 minutes
Nasushiobara station

Nasushiobara station
Higashino bus 67-minute -
Oomaru (it is a change for getting down)
Higashino bus (getting down)
Kita entrance alighting
It is on foot about 20 minutes, and is a parking lot.
parking lot

Nasushiobara station
Higashino bus 67-minute -
Taxi use, about 3000 yen
parking lot

parking lot
On foot about 10 minutes

Nasu IC
The Nasu-Kogen line, a volcano expressway (one-way traffic) course, about 17 km
parking lot
On foot about 10 minutes

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Stay review (word-of-mouth communication)

Kita onsen ,Tochigi Pref. - 2018-05-18 [Pascal san]

The stay was wonderful!
We enjoyed every single second until the very end.

Definitely, my best relaxing and timeless experience in Japan!



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