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[Outline] Tochigi Kita @Nasumachi, Nasu-gun The Touji of black-lacquered strange effect and an exciting free-flowing-hot-spring-water tengu, a mixed bathing Large open-air bath
[Spring quality] little sodium Simple spring Thing near an iron spring water-white -- 50-57 °
[Altitude] About 1100 m, hot spring Heaven of a ravine
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] Mt. Chausu, Mt. Asahi and a Mt.Sanbonyari-dake, a piece ヶ waterfall, a cruel stone, Nasu Onsen Shrine, a volcano expressway and a nature study way
  • Kita Kita
The Characteristic
It passes over the foot of an Oku-Nasu "Mt. Asahi", and an Oomaru, and is on foot from there from a north hot-spring entrance in a parking lot.The building which stands still in atmosphere when it got down from the steep hill and went for a while, as if it was hiding in complementary Sasagawa's ravine to kind grotesqueness and a valley bottom and which consists of wooden [ four ] appears.... It is the north hot spring.There are two hot springs which boko-boko-natural-gush from a hill-at-the-back hillside, and spring quality differs, respectively.The hot spring enjoyed in seven baths where effect is different could just be called hot spring Heaven.The huge open-air bath "hot spring of swimming" in a river side tells abundant hot water quantity in front of an Entrance.

* In the fountainhead of a simple spring, and a front building, the place where several places, such as a simple spring, and middle of the screen look white in the fountainhead is the yuyas of the left to a tengu's hot spring and Yutaki Falls, and an immovable hot spring (a below hot enough spring, with a sleeping tub).
Mountain Climbing and Trekking
Kita <- -> Sandogoya Route
Kita (<- 15-minute, 20 minute ->) Kine hot-spring bifurcation (<- 70-minute, 100 minute ->) blush mountain bifurcation (<- 25-minute, 20 minute ->) north hot-spring bifurcation (<- 50-minute, 50 minute ->) Nomisone bifurcation (<- 40-minute, 25 minute ->) retirement warehouse (<- 50-minute, 35 minute ->) sandogoya
I would like to also step on the top in 1917 m of Mt.Sanbonyari-dakes, and Mt. Asahi on the way.
traversing from H18.4.15 and a sandogoya -- visited-again: -- hiking -- an account, the north hot spring from a sandogoya, and the Mt. Sambon-yari mountain skiing

1896 m of Mt. Asahi

Nasu nature study way

A simple spring, a sulfur spring
50-57 ツー
Women's diseases, hemorrhoids, neuralgia, gastroenteropathy, infertility, etc.
Public Bathhouse
One day trip bathing possible
By Train
Tohoku Shinkansen use
Shinkansen NASUNO 75 minutes from Tokyo -> Nasushiobara station
Shinkansen 75 minutes from Sendai -> Nasushiobara station
transferring to the Nasushiobara station or Tohoku Line -- the bus for Kuroiso station -> Higashino bus 67-minute (52 minutes after Kuroiso) -> Oomaru change -> Nasushiobara -- an about 2 minute -> kita entrance alighting -> on foot about 30-minute(1.5Km) -> parking lot -> on foot about 10-minute -> kita

Nasushiobara station -> Higashino bus -> Nasu Yumoto or Shin-Nasu -> it is a taxi and is an about 3000 yen -> kita joint parking lot -> on foot about 10-minute -> kita.

* Since the bus to which winter goes to an Oomaru is about No. 2 per day, we recommend you the taxi of about 3000 yen from Nasu Yumoto to a kita joint parking lot.It is more convenient to get off from Nasu Yumoto in Shin-Nasu in front of a taxi company, when using a taxi.Taxi company (0120-020-031)
By Car
Northeast way use
A Nasu IC-> Nasu-Kogen line, a volcano expressway (one-way traffic) course, about 17 km-> joint parking lot -> on foot about 10 minutes
Higashino bus: Telephone 0287-62-0858
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