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The inn of the Kumano old road, a kawayu open-air bath - Wakayama Tanabe Hongu town

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[Outline] The inn of the Kumano old road, a kawayu open-air bath Kameya-WakayamaKawayu Tanabe Hongu town
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] Closed until further notice.
[One day trip bathing] A summer, a dry river bed open-air bath
[Address] Tanabe-shiHongu-cho kawayu
[Telephone] (0735)42-0002 [Telephone]
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The Characteristic
The wooden Japanese style traditional lodge of the initial building of Showa which has an exclusive open-air bath in the dry river bed of the Oto river.It is a building which feels nostalgia and a tradition for the enough front and wooden floor of a veranda.The stairs where the maple was used for the stretcher board are also an asset.It goes across the bridge for exclusive use applied to the river, and is to the open-air bath of fielder full marks.For an enough reason, it does not care about the public notice on the opposite shore, but can enjoy a hot spring leisurely.A cross-over wind is likely to doze pleasantly the sound of a clear stream, and a surface of a river audible.There is likely to be a Kajika-frog in chirp spring and summer, and a swim in a river is likely to have a "hermit bath" and a starlit sky, and various pleasures in autumn of a firefly and red leaves, and winter.Foundation of the Edo last stage.

2011/7/29 The post-visited again of the Nanki highest peak Oto mountain and the material were chosen, and it was impressed by the creation dish in which the enough device of the originality was carried out with charcoal.

A lamber is conserved for years and it builds in early stages of Showa.


A floorboard comfortable for the bare feet unique to a good lamber

Main building parlor

It is from a guest room at the time of Boys' Festival.


Handmade kaiseki-cuisine foods centering on the foods of the seasonal ground
Also fresh seafood which went up in the wild grass, river fish, and the Katsuura port which Mr. Itaba takes.

Around a total of 11 from an aperitif and hors d'oeuvre to sweet taste
* Number of articles and the content change by a Rates.

Example of blessing Chinese medicinal food of Kumano 2011/7/29

The soup served cold of a potato

Carpaccio of a tuna and a bream This sauce is a secret.

Charcoal noodles Knead the edible charcoal of a micron and be crowded.

Sweetfish dish grilled with salt

Charcoal and cereals rice to cook

Tsukuri-Moriawase: Current price (reservation required)
Special dish: The wild-boar hot pot of this wild boar, and 2 persons.(Reservation required)
Meal place: Every morning and evening and room foods.More than 4 persons are the restaurants of a single room.

A main building, the restaurant of a single room

* The effect was said for the whom who of the store which kneads the charcoal of a micron to a side and is crowded to detox as the enough.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
The man and woman each 1, a wooden bathtub.
The feeling of an after-bathing crane crane is a hot spring of an enough lustrous skin system, and free-flowing hot-spring water.

Seemingly the hot spring of a faucet is a hot spring and a drink spring will be good for the stomach and intestines.
Open-air Bath
It is "an open-air bath only for a Kameya" to a dry river bed.
It has been wells uped by the hot hot spring from a bottom.

* It cannot be used at the time of rise of water of the river by rain.
* A February becomes a "hermit bath" from a winter November.
Guest Room
13 Japanese-style rooms, 40 persons accommodation

The guest room on which the chair of rattan was placed.

30 large rooms
"HOTSPOT (those with a LAN card loan)"
Near Station
Before [ a Kameya ] bus stop alighting in no time

- Top - Tanabe-shi, Wakayama, 647-1717 Hongu-cho kawayu
Telephone: 07354-2-0002 FAX:07354-2-0363
Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
Full equipment
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