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[Outline] Wakayama Kawayu @Tanabe Hongu town As for a world heritage Kumano old road, a dry river bed open-air bath, and winter, the whole river is hermit baths.
[Spring quality] Sodium, soda water matter salt, and chloride spring (include salt Sodium-Hydrogen-Carbonate spring) 73 ° There is a Large karuta party in a water-white "hermit bath" winter November - a February January. Photograph: Hongu-cho tourist agency
[Altitude] The natural hot spring which wells ups to about 100 m and a dry river bed
[Environment] Several houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A Kumano-hongu-taisha shrine and the Kumano old road, a Hosshinmon-oji, the Oto ravine, a hot spring Yakushi-female budda and a Toro-kyo, a raft descent, a jet ship
The Characteristic
It is in the foot of Oto (about 100 m, however 1122 m) in altitude, and is a hot spring in a mountain entirely.In a dry river bed, the hot spring of a hot alkaline spring wells ups here and there, and the method of taking a bath here carries out temperature adjustment of this in a clear stream, and goes into the open-air bath of the nature itself which dug the pea gravel.Yes, it is a just kawayu reason.A swim in a river can be carried out and a riverbed can also be soaked in the open-air bath only for itself in summer. [ a digging and ]And the amount of water of a river also decreases and the whole river becomes the "hermit bath" of a have good reputation in winter.

The center of a Kumano major three places, a Kumano-hongu-taisha shrine

It is about 3 hours from a Hosshinmon-oji to a Kumano-hongu-taisha shrine about the Kumano old road.


The Kumano old road, "conversion gate Oji"

A summer and a kawayu become management of a Ryokan.
Please take a bath after refusing the Kameya.
Sodium, a hydrogencarbonate, and chlorides spring (included salt, alkaline spring) 73 ツー Water-white

A "hermit bath" winter November - a February
There is a Large karuta party in a January.
Photograph: Hongu-cho tourist agency

Neuralgia, oversensitivity to cold, and lustrous skin
Public Bathhouse
Public bathhouse 1
The open-air bath of a dry river bed is no charge or a small present (200 yen).
* Since it has managed at each Ryokan, please refuse, and enter.
By Train
Shin-Osaka -> JR Kisei Line limited express, an about 2-hour and 20-minute -> Kii-Tanabe -> Hongu going bus, about 1 hour and 55 minutes, kawayu alighting

Nagoya -> JR Kisei Line limited express, an about 4 hour -> Shingu -> Hongu going bus, about 60 minutes, kawayu alighting

Kintetsu Yagi station -> a Hongu or the bus for Shingu, about 5 hours
By Car
Osaka pine-covered area IC-> Hanwa Expressway and a Nankai-Yuasa road, about 100 km-> Gobo IC->R42 to R311, about 100 km

Nishimeihan Kashiwara IC -> five articles, about 25km->R168, about 103 km
Hongu-cho tourist agency: Telephone 0735-42-0735
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