Hidden Spring and Lodge(Toyama) [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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Toyama - Mikurigaike (The Japanese highest place hot spring of the Tateyama Murodo, the hidden hot spring which draws hot spring water from 2400 m of jigokus)


Winter closure:11-24~ Open This Year:4-16~
#The building of the hut style
#Secret hot-spring organisation
A discount can be given 5% and a
* Mikurigaike, a pension Okon, and either can be used.
Rates example
* an overnight stay with 2 meals -- both consumption and bathing tax excluded 8000 yen - 13000 yen It is based on the room and a dish. A child is 80% of an adult rate (a dish is the adult average). With business April 17 days -, and November 24 days
About rate:Less than 9000yen~ *1 night stay 2 meals include (tax not include)

* Please make a phone call directly to the lodge.