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[Outline] Shizuoka Sumata @Honkawane-cho, Haibara-gun The Northern Alps Mt. Tekari south foot, the hidden hot spring which goes by Ohigawa Railway SL and mini train
[Spring quality] Simple sulfur spring Water-white 42 ° White Yunohana.
[Altitude] About 550 m, the hot spring in a gorge
[Environment] 19 houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The suspension bridge, the Hiryuu-kyo, and Ikawa Dam of Northern Alps, and Mt. Tekari, Ohigawa Railway SL, an Abt system and a dream
The Characteristic
The hot spring which wells ups to the deep ravine which transfers and visits SL and a mini train.Although the hot spring of meiji 22-year discovery was sharing of the yuyama village, it sinks into a dam and the present hot spring is the hot spring newly struck in Showa 30.The sulphuric white hot spring where mineral extraction flew is called "hot spring of the production of a beauty."It is on the South-Alps southern part route of the South-Alps Mt. Tekari south foot, and is used also for the mountaineer.As for the promenade involving the suspension bridge and Hiryuu-kyo of a dream, please carry out skilled [ of "the 100th elections of the nature of Japan which wants to leave in the 21st century" ] for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Mini train

Open-air bath "hot spring of the production of a beauty"

Ohigawa Railway
They are Kanaya - a Senzu, about 40 km, and the travel for 1 hour with SL.Two per day

Railway-through-a-forest Ikawa line
An Abt system 26 km, 1 hour and 40 minutes, and only [ Japanese ] from a Senzu to Ikawa.

The suspension bridge of a dream (Honkawane)
The suspension bridge of the thrill whole sky which takes on foot for a Sumata ravine from a sumata for about 30 minutes, and 90 m in length

Simple sulfur spring 42 ツー
Transparency and colorlessness, white Yunohana.
Neuralgia, recovery from fatigue, and lustrous skin
Public Bathhouse
An open-air bath "hot spring of the production of a beauty", \400, the Thursday regular holiday
By Train
The direction of Tokyo
Tokyo -> Shinkansen 60 minutes -> Shizuoka station -> main-Tokaido-line 35 minutes, the Kanaya station
Nagoya and the direction of Osaka
1. Nagoya -> Optical 30 Minutes -> Hamamatsu Station -> Main-Tokaido-Line 25 Minutes, Kanaya Station
2. Nagoya -> Echo 60 Minutes -> Kakegawa Station -> Main-Tokaido-Line 15 Minutes, Kanaya Station

Kanaya station -> it is about 60 minute -> Chikami station -> sumata going bus 45 minutes with Ohigawa Railway and SL.
(Chikami station -> mini train (Abt system) 30 minute -> Okuizumi station -> sumata going bus 35 minutes)
By Car
The direction of Tokyo
Tomei -> 37 km of Shizuoka IC->R362 abbreviation, a Senzu

Nagoya and the direction of Osaka
Tomei -> 47 km of Sagara Makinohara IC->R473 and R362 abbreviation, a Senzu

It is about 15 km about a Senzu to the prefectural road 77.
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