Usagi(Niigata) |Hot springs deep inside Japan

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  • It is a Uekiya to a Usagiguchi hot spring complete view and a center.
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  • Usagiguchi hot spring public open bath "Midorino-yu" surrounded by the trees of the beech General lodger no charge is 300 yen.
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  • The wealthy farmer of "Daitouzan art museum" Matsunoyama No. 1, and 300 family treasures of the Murayama family and the work of an Ango Sakaguchi are exhibited.
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  • The natural forest of a six to 70-year student's beech and "beauty woods" are the Niina places of bird watching.
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  • The farm implements of a race scientific library and a snowy country are exhibited.
  • 2024-05-22(Wed)
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