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[Outline] Niigata Tatsunoguchi @Tsunammachi, Naka-Uonuma-gun The hidden hot spring of a firefly 飛ぶ ravine, an isolated lodge
[Spring quality] Simple hot spring Water-white 27 °
[Altitude] About 300 m, the hidden hot spring of a valley
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The Shinano River river terrace, akiyamago Nakatsugawa, Mt. Naeba, the Komatsubara marsh and flame earthenware, a history race scientific library and a Ryugakubo
  • Keisensou Keisensou
The Characteristic
The hot spring of the one-house inn built in the river side of a clear stream also without one name which emits a source to 637 m of Shiroyama, and with which it fills Shinano River.The nature of an as at [ ancient times ] is confined in the stream.A rudder or a frog cries, a firefly flies about and it is said that the O'Reilly kingfisher comes for play in quest of a watering place.If you walk along the alley from a national road like a village road to an inn, untouched nature is waiting there at only 50 m.There is a sulphuric smell in a hot spring, and it is a firm brown hot spring [ that it is thin ] which gets warm well.

The isolated lodge built in a river side "Keisensou"

The canyon for which a natural forest presses close at hand.

It is a good location to see about near a Ryugakubo to the direction of a tatsunoguchi.

The 100th elections of national brand-name spring water "Ryugakubo"
It is in a beech and oak woods, and in a bloom Ryugakubo pond, water seethes with early summer from everywhere, and Lysichitum camtschatcense is said for the water of a pond to interchange in one day.
A simple hot spring, light brown, sulfurous smell 27 ツー
It is said that the flow out naturally of the fountainhead is carried out, and there was a house where a hot spring is attached to a shop name at the first time of Showa.The fountainhead is inherited.

The soft hot spring where a sulfurous smell is also felt in a fall crest.

Wago's hot spring It usually uses by a charter.

Neuralgia, recovery from fatigue, rheumatism, a skin disease, etc.


Public Bathhouse
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Joetsu Shinkansen use
Echigoyuzawa station -> Hokuhoku Line, the Tokamachi station
Tokamachi station -> JR Iiyama Line -> Echigo-Shikawatari station
* Keep in mind that a train has few numbers.
Nagano Shinkansen use
Nagano station -> JR Iiyama Line -> Echigo-Shikawatari station

On foot-from Echigo-Shikawatari station about 5 minutes
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From Echigo-Kawaguchi IC to about 40 km of R117 courses
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