Yoshino photograph digest [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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From a yoshino observatory to a yoshino complete view
For Hondo "Zao-do" (national treasure) of a golden Mineyama temple, the huge building of the head temple of mountaineering asceticism and the Muromachi period is a symbol of a yoshino in cherry blossoms.
One of the places to go to of the Omine mountain ascetic in the trailhead which are a summit-of-the-mountain part of a "Kinbu-shrine" yoshino mountain, an Okusenbon, and Mt. Oomine (abbreviation on foot 8 hours)
The place which is said for "Yoshitsune or Yoshitsune who gave and parted from a tower" Shizu to have hidden himself: Kinbu-shrine back.
The statue of Tamayori Hime which deifies a "Yoshino Mikumari Shrine" Momoyama Era leading shrine building and seven images of a deity is a national treasure.
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