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[Outline] Nagano Norikura kogen @Matsumoto It is an Touji of the Yugawa fountainhead clouded white to a Norikura kogen and the Lord.
[Spring quality] 48 ° Acid hydrogen sulfide spring Clouded white
[Altitude] About 1450 Heights
[Environment] They are 30 or more houses to a wide area.
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A Norikura kogen, Kamikochi, and the Hida alp
  • Kanayama Kanayama
The Characteristic
It is an enough hot spring to the foot of Mt. Norikura, and the extensive Heights.Mt. Norikura mountain climbing is begun and Nature, such as a hike to three Large cataracts and summer skiing in a heavy snow ravine, can be enjoyed fully.

the current of 1 -- park Maime pond

3 waterfalls

Norikura heavy snow ravine

Mt. Norikura, 3,026 m of dominant peak brinks.This side is a Ushidome pond.

48 ツー, an acid hydrogen sulfide spring, a clouded white

Ryokan Gold mine Yugawa fountainhead

A rheumatic disease, diabetes, dyskinesia
A drink-spring possible, gastroenteropathy
Public Bathhouse
The "hot spring of little stream" half outdoors, and man and woman each 1 No charge

Please look for a ravine from near the bus stop of Suzuran this side.

By Train
Shinjuku -> Chuo Line -> Matsumoto station -> Matsumoto electric railroad Shin-shimashima station
Nagoya -> same as the above
Tokyo -> Shinkansen -> Nagano station -> Chuo Line -> Matsumoto station -> Matsumoto electric railroad Shin-shimashima station
From a Shin-shimashima station to a bus 56-minute Suzuran bus stop
By Car
Tokyo -> Chuo Expressway -> Matsumoto IC -> about 30 km
Nagoya -> same as the above

From near a Suzuran this side bus stop to Mt. Norikura

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