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Wooden [ 4 stories of ] - Nagano Ueda

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The "azalea garden" through which 2600 shares of azaleas bloom from a courtyard to a hillside in Separate-from-main form and wooden [ four ] to the site of 4000 tsubos in all the spring of 20 room, and the cry of a parenthesis and a bush warbler resounds
a private bath "2" and others -- two private baths and one -- lending -- as -- an open bath, and a Large bathroom and a juxtaposition open bath (mens bath and womens for each)
An example of a dish (part)
The lodge of the tradition loved by many people, such as a thatched Separate from main "Sobaku-an", owner island Takeo "Shinano diary", and Yasunari Kawabata "waltz of a flower",