Nakayamadaira(Miyagi) |Hot springs deep inside Japan

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  • Along a clouds-of-volcanic-steam-rise-up hot spring resort, a national road, and River Daiya are dotted with a lodge.
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  • Steam is pressured upwards also by the road side.
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  • A Naruko tropical plant garden and hot spring fever are used, and 1000 or more kinds of plants are grow thicks.
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  • The phrase of "urinate bedside of a flea-louse-horse" is minced by the stone tablet inscribed with a haiku of Basho Matsuo near the "Nyouzenno-seki."
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  • The red leaves from the middle of the month of an October in which a stroll way 2.5 km in length is improved along 100-m-deep a canyon "Naruko valley" and a ravine are unparalleled views.
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