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[Outline] Miyagi Nakayamadaira @Naruko-cho, Tamatsukuri-gun The eel Touji and neighborhood Mudd who considered it as the back Naruko trolley bus also check.
[Spring quality] include sulfur_sodium_soda water matter salt and sulfate spring Alkalinity of 100 °pH 8.8-9.2 the Touji of a crane crane -- water-white The touch used as the trolley bus (Touji of a Takuhide)
[Altitude] About 250 m, the hot spring of a mountain village
[Environment] 12 houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The stone tablet inscribed with a haiku, the Hanabuchi mountain, blueberry hunting, and Shiraito Falls of a Naruko valley, a Gata-swamp, a Nyouzenno-seki, and a plantain
The Characteristic
River Daiya flows through the deepest part of the Naruko Onsen area, and the neighborhood, and, downstream, a little famous places "Naruko valley" are.The whole hot spring resort pressured upwards steam in everywheres, such as a garden, a field, the road side, and the burnt sulfurous smell has hung over.It is dotted with an inn near each fountainhead, and spring quality is also up to inns, such as a hydrogen sulfide spring and an alkaline spring.It is a hot spring which efficacy was said to various illnesses, such as a furuyu in Founded-or-started-to-use-this-hot-spring 300, and a skin disease, as the enough, and is used for a hot-spring cure from ancient times.

The red leaves of a Naruko valley (from the middle of the month of an ordinary year October to the beginning of a November)
A 2.5-km promenade is located along a ravine.

A blueberry relish is at the beginning of the beginning of an August - a September.


Hanabuchi mountain 984m (Naruko skiing ground)
There is a hiking course of about 2 hours about a ridge way from a gondola terminal to Onikobe.

(The photographs of this page are a tourist agency and Takuhide Mr. offer)

A sulfur containing-sodium hydrogencarbonate and sulfate spring 100 ツー
The hot spring of pH 8.8 to 9.2 alkalinity, and a crane crane
The touch used as transparency and colorlessness and a trolley.
(Hot spring of a Takuhide)
General hot spring efficacy besides chronic skin disease, chronic women's-diseases, cut, burn, and diabetes -.
Public Bathhouse
The hot spring (adult of 150 yen), Naruko Waseda Sajiki-yu (adult of 500 yen), and Kawatabi public bathhouse of a waterfall (adult of 200 yen)
By Train
Tohoku Shinkansen use
Tokyo -> Shinkansen about 2 hours, and Sendai station -> Shinkansen about 15 minutes, and Furukawa station -> Rikuu Tosen high speed about 40 minutes, the Naruko station
By Car
From the direction of Tokyo
A Urawa IC-> northeast way, 30 km of about 375 km-> Furukawa I.C->R47 abbreviation, a nakayamadaira
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