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- Miyagi Kurihara

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[Outline] Komanoyu-Miyagi Kurihara
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[Business] Closed until further notice.Hot spring is available for stop by.
[One day trip bathing] Adult of 400 yen The child of 200 yen, 10:00 to 17:00 (Wednesday regular holiday)
[Address] KuriharaKurikoma Numakura Kouei-Higashi 88
[Telephone] (0228)46-2110 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
Touch that the hot spring has accumulated in the bath of the Komanoyu is not carried out.It is flowing.By the bathtub like the flow of a river, the float bathing was carried out at first and it passed.Like [ when Quercus serrata (oak lamber) is stretched and the wooden floor of the bath suitable into the language "discharge hot spring" looks at a windowful of a view from there, and looking at the outside of the window from the veranda of the Kodera in Kyoto ], it merely stares and nobody utters language.When a young master is a child, it says that two bears and a hawk were also bred, and does not still change, but is your house in a quiet mountain.The wild grass and mushroom which were taken in the mountain are saved, and a simple clever dish of wild plants is served.The wild grass of a vivid some kind of spraut is saved by an original way, and can be tasted through a term.They are the hospitality which never changes, and a price which never changes.

It is a remnants main building new building about a part of autumn of Heisei 2014, and framework.

[It is suffered a great deal of damage and closed to Iwate and the Miyagi inland earthquake in ■ 2008.]
* Guidance from an inn
- The 2015 October one day A komanoyu revives. -
It passed also along the examination of the public health center luckily, and became progress of revival as a hot spring for day trippers.
10:00~17:00 (Wednesday regular holiday)
Up to November the 3rd (closed [ bad weather ].)
The adult of 400 yen and school child of 200 yen

It is detailed,

Please Look at "Hot Spring in Forest - Komanoyu Communication."

The forest of the Komanoyu disaster spot is under reworking.
The volunteer and the fund raising are invited.

Breakfast of this day:
It wipes and they are miso, a yamakurage, landlocked salmon candied food, a boiled egg with soft white and hard yellow, etc.

The made by of the local ridge beam adhering to Logs, such as a mainstay of a new Nezuko, an Entrance of a coffered ceiling, and a door of a cedar.

Hand structure dish of wild plants.

An example of this day
wild grass tempura and a char dish grilled with salt, or dengaku -- the wen, the vinegared, pickles, etc. of - wild grass small bowl (wiping food boiled down in soy), mushroom simmered dishes, mushroom taking down, and a Ms.

mushrooms (a Sawamotashi Kanoka Masutake, a Koutake, etc.) seasonal after wild grass (gathered at mountain) seasonal in spring, and summer in the wild grass (Pteridium aquilinum a Kogomi-fern, - Aralia cordata) of the wen and salt curing of Ms. [ a Shidoke, ], or a Ms., some-kind-of-spraut tempura (the bud and the wild leaf bub, the method of preservation with which original sprout that obtains of た and others), and autumn.

It is a dish specially:
The row slices of char (reservation required)
  • Meal place: Every morning and evening restaurant.
* overnight stay with 2 meals and consumption tax - bathing tax included
Indoor Hot Spring
Man and woman each 1.
Although the fountainhead is different, spring quality and temperature are almost the same.

This hot water quantity!300L/M

  • One day trip bathing Adult 400 円 子供 of 200 yen
  • 9:00 to 16:00
Guest Room
13 rooms, 32 persons accommodation
30 halls
Near Station
Kurikoma-kougen station

- Top -Postcode989-5371
Miyagi-ken Kurihara Kurikoma Numakura Kouei-Higashi 88
Telephone: 0228-46-2110
Welcome and Send-off
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Full equipment
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