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[Outline] Mie Yunoyama @Komono-cho, Mie-gun The hot spring resort of the Mitaki-river ravine which flows through and goes down at a stretch from a Mt.Gozaisho, the nature of singing frog a large number
[Spring quality] Alkali simple spring (radium spring 7.7 mache) 25.8 ° Natural gush Water-white
[Altitude] About 400 m, the hot spring of a trailhead.
[Environment] About 20 houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A Mt.Gozaisho, the Tonai wall, an Obare stone, a Mt.Kamagatake and Mt. Kunimi, an Ao-taki, the Momma waterfall, a Kugurido-no-taki, a Gozaisho aerial ropeway, the Mitake temple and the Tokai nature trail
The Characteristic
The Higashiyama foot of the Suzuka mountain-peaks-in-line dominant peak "Mt.Gozaisho" and the Mitaki-river ravine both banks which make the origin Mitake (a Mt.Gozaisho, a Mt.Kamagatake, and Mt. Kunimi) are dotted with a Ryokan.The view overlooked by a Gozaisho aerial ropeway to the brave scene of the Mt.Gozaisho which is a steep rocky mountain, and Isewan can be enjoyed freely.Of course, mountain climbing of recommendation and the scene from a centrist (more than a middle-class person) is also brilliant.A hot spring is a historied hot spring containing the emanation of having been discovered at provision-for-old-age every year (the ancient times of about 1200 or more).

From a back mountain trail to Yunoyama Hot Spring

A centrist to 1157 m of Mt.Kamagatakes, and gondola

Mitake temple

Suzuka skyline

1212 M of Mt.Gozaishoes
If it goes by the 200 Japan mountain and a Gozaisho aerial ropeway to 1209 m, the top will be an in no time.The back of the top has a Gozaisho skiing ground.

If it goes mountain trails, such as a front way, a centrist, and a back lane, the view and the shape of a mountain from a centrist are wonderful for about 2 hours and 30 minutes, but it is a mountain trail which goes that much steep rocky mountain.(more than a middle-class person)

In a back lane, it is a famous place "Tonai wall" of rock-climbing.

Mt.Gozaisho mountain-climbing information and hiking -- an account

Tokai Nature Trail
Between [ from a yunoyama ] Chomei, about 6 km.
Alkali simple spring (radium spring) 25.8 ツー Water-white [ gush / natural / and ]
Rheumatism, women's diseases, gastroenteropathy, etc.
Public Bathhouse
By Train
Osaka -> the Kintetsu limited express, an about 90 minute -> Yokkaichi station
Nagoya -> the Kintetsu limited express, an about 25 minute -> Yokkaichi station

Yokkaichi station -> Kintetsu Yunoyama Line, the bus for about 25 minute -> yunoyama station -> Yunoyama Hot Spring, and about 10 minutes -> Yunoyama Hot Spring
By Car
Yokkaichi and yunoyama IC->R477, about 20 minutes
The Suzuka skylines are no charge and winter closing now.
Yunoyama Hot Spring association: Telephone 0593-92-2115
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