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[Outline] Hokkaido Yamada @Shikaoi-cho, Kato-gun To the small hidden hot spring of the Shikaribetsu-lake back to carry out quietly, atopy, and a hot-spring cure
[Spring quality] Simple location-of-a-hot-spring spring temperature: 44.5 ° fountainhead free-flowing hot-spring water Transparent feeling of a gypsum spring The fountainhead of thin metallic taste is free-flowing hot-spring water. Voice of the appreciation in the direction of atopy in the flier of an inn The talk that chronic constipation was saved by the drink spring appeared.
[Altitude] The hidden hot spring of about 800 m and the Shikaribetsu mountain stream
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A Shikaribetsu lake, a Mt.Tenbo, a Mt.Hakuun, a Yanbetsu river, and Mt. Upepesanke
The Characteristic
The hot spring and spa resort Spa accommodation which wells up by side of the Yanbetsu river of the saddle of the east in Mt. Upepesanke, the place which went down hood Katouge south, and the Shikaribetsu-lake origin are the hidden hot springs of only an one-house enough.It is this yamada that even the car was in the inner part of [ 6 more km ] the shikaribetsu which also followed the breath at last and to which it was attached at January midnight of faint intense cold and snowstorm, and its blocked gate.Of course, winter protects and offers the hot spring of the rich efficacy of an optimum temperature closure and during the business in the natural environment (in business) as Few four months, and 10 Hi.

Coverage 2004/10/9.2003/7

Yanbetsu river (prohibition of fishing)

Shikaribetsu-lake late autumn

Shikaribetsu-lake sightseeing boat

Shikaribetsu-lake endemic species "Miyabe char"

Dolly Varden of a locked inside, the thing from which Fukuhara's occupation angler raised the yamada at specimen photography and about twenty years ago, 50-cm over.
Fishing is performed also as that of the limit of many, such as a single hook, the year 10 day for the purpose of investigation now.

A Mt.Tenbo to a Shikaribetsu lake, and a lakeside hot spring

hiking -- an account -- -> here Shikaribetsu lake, a Mt.Tenbo, and a yamada
Simple spring
Fountainhead temperature: 44.5 ツー
Fountainhead free-flowing hot-spring water.

The fountainhead of the transparent feeling of a gypsum-fibrosum spring and thin metallic taste is free-flowing hot-spring water.The voice of appreciation in the direction of atopy and the talk that chronic constipation was saved by the drink spring appeared in the flier of the inn.

Neuralgia, backache, a skin disease, rheumatism, etc.
Public Bathhouse
One day trip bathing is possible at a Yamada oonsen Fukuhara. 550 yen
By Train
Sapporo station -> a JR line limited express, an about 2-hour and 25-minute -> Shintoku station -> pick-up bus (perfect subscription basis) about 60-minute -> shikaribetsu -> subscription-basis pick-up bus, about 20 minutes

A Shintoku station-shikaribetsu, a pick-up bus
Shintoku 12:50->13:50 Lakeside 10:10 ->11:10
Shintoku 15:15->16:15 Lakeside 14:00 ->15:00
By Car
Obihiro -> a Shikaribetsu-lake course, about 1 hour and 20 minutes
Asahikawa -> the Nukabira course, about 150 km
Obihiro Airport -> A colonization bus, an airport liner, the Obihiro station course, an about 2-hour and 30-minute -> Shikaribetsu-lake -> subscription-basis pick-up bus, and about 20 minutes -> yamada
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