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[Outline] Hokkaido Kawayu @Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun The suitable temperature noted spring of a foot volcano system of sulfur, a hot-spring cure
[Spring quality] Asatonupuri land Kaiko fountainhead: Acidity, include sulfur, iron (2), Na-aluminum, sulfate, and chloride spring (hydrogen sulfide type) (acid hypotonicity high temperature spring) fountainhead temperature: The 51.5 ° kawayu public bathhouse back is very sour at the fountainhead. A front bathtub is a below hot enough spring.
[Altitude] About 200 m, an active volcano near hot spring
[Environment] 22 houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] Io-zan -- the parents home, kawayu sumo memorial hall, and kawayu eco-museum of - azalea ヶ original, a natural sightseeing way, Lake Mashu, the Kussharo lake, and Taiho
The Characteristic
It is a volcanic hot spring which gushes through about 3-km root of spring from Io-zan which means a naked mountain in an Atosanupuri and Ainu language.There is no level low fluid, and if a yellow mineral-rich sediment is seen, the height of sulfur purity is known.Maintaining this purity and pH 1.6 to pH 1.82 (Kaiko fountainhead), it comes out suitable temperature and a certain thing is considered to be a reason unparalleled (it is ??, I am disagreeable being !) also nationally and calling north noted spring.Although it is a comparatively big hot spring of the 20-house remainder, it is a hot spring in the quiet nature in which the forest which continues from the Kussharo lake is touched and a trail made by deer remains.Enough that's right [ way / of about 7 km of one way from the enough azalea KA field stroll way or Io-zan of an Ezo iso-tsutsuji stock to a Numa-yu (Kinmuto) / sightseeing ].Since the January of first Hokkaido and the Numa-yu were gone and defeated in not knowing, they want to go to a Numa-yu by all means next time, and to see the Io-zan back course to it.

The kawayu of about 2 km from the Kussharo lake, and a forest train

The stroll gathering open space of the kawayu central part


Diamond dust in a stroll gathering open space

A kawayu, a footbath

From musical woods to a kawayu eco-museum

The Ezo deer often seen in a kawayu

Lake Mashu

The Kussharo lake, a Sunayu
Such a hot hot spring wells ups that it will think whether the bottom is magma shortly after digging sand.If a place is not chosen, winter is also difficult for bathing.

Kussharo lake Ainu village open-air bath

Asatonupuri land Kaiko fountainhead:
Acidity, sulfur containing, iron (2), Na-aluminum, a sulphate, and a chlorides spring (hydrogen sulfide type) (acid hypotonicity hyperthermal springs)
Fountainhead temperature: 51.5 ツー

Kawayu public bathhouse

The front bathtub in which the back is very sour at the fountainhead is a below hot enough spring.
a rheumatism disease, a locomotorium obstacle, a wound, chronic eczema, keratosis and the female-genital-organs chronic inflammation, ovarian dysfunction, uterine hypoplasia, menstrual disorders, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, athlete's foot, trichomoniasis and diabetes, and a pimple - chilblain etc.
Public Bathhouse
A kawayu public bathhouse and a kawayu footbath
In the Kussharo lake, they are the free open-air bath and those with a natural hot spring of a large number besides Ainu village and a thirteen-stringed koto, and eight pieces or more.
By Train
Sapporo -> Nemuro Line, limited express about 3-hour and 40-minute -> Kushiro -> Senmou Line, an about 1-hour and 40-minute -> Kawayu Spa station -> kawayu street going bus, and about 10 minutes -> kawayu
By Car
Sapporo -> East Hokkaido way -> Yubari IC-> Hidaka, Obihiro, the Ashoro course, and about 330 km -> kawayu
Memanbetsu airport -> About 70 km -> kawayu
Kushiro Airport -> 100 km -> kawayu
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