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[Outline] Hokkaido Meakan @Ashoro-cho, Ashoro-gun Onneto lake this side, the hidden hot spring in active volcano Mt. Meakan
[Spring quality] include salt_gypsum hydrogen sulfide spring: -- water-white Precipitation of a white mineral-rich sediment fountainhead temperature: -- 42 ° -- natural gush 310 liter / m sodium 288.0 Calcium 367.5 Magnesium 236.7 Potassium 63.4 etc. -- A total of 4226 mg
[Altitude] About 708 m, a volcanic hot spring
[Environment] Three houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The waterfall, the red Ezo-spruce woods, the giant skunk cabbage, the Akan lake, Mt. Oakan, and Lake Mashu of Mt. Meakan, Akan-Fuji, an Onneto, and an Touji
The Characteristic
Atmosphere of being the hot spring loved by Ainu's people till Taisho's first time still remains in the meakan surrounded by the primeval forest of the red Ezo spruce.
It is in an about 20-km Separate from main and the quiet place into which it went about 4 km also from the national road from the Akan lakeside crowded with sightseeing.It is a hot spring at the foot of an active volcano "Mt. Meakan", and the volcanic spring quality in which a white mineral-rich sediment precipitates, however a hot spring are used by free-flowing hot-spring water suitable temperature.It is said that it is shut by snow in the winter of the lake Onneto of a mystery, and the everywhere applied to an Onneto from a hot spring and Lysichitum camtschatcense are brilliant at the time of a thaw.When Lysichitum camtschatcense finishes, a season in of mountain is June one day.

Approach which goes the lignosa of a red Ezo spruce to the front in Mt. Meakan

Akan mountain: The mountain counted by Japanese one hundred famous mountains
It consists of 1371 m of Mt. Oakan, 1499 m of Mt. Meakan, and 1476 m of Akan-Fuji.Mt. Oakan of the shape of a mountain in which male Akan of Separate-from-main traversing is as manly as improper, dominant peak Mt. Meakan, and an irremovable -- should it both reach?

Mt. Meakan, Akan-Fuji mountain-climbing information, and hiking -- an account

Private management people's hotel facilities "Nonaka hot spring" indoor hot spring

Mt. Meakan, Akan-Fuji, and an Onneto

Natural treasure Waterfall of an Onneto hot spring

Trekking of Onneto Circumference
One does not have a footprint... Onneto which arrives while he walks along such a snowy field.
The snow dust which shines glitteringly.Mt. Meakan & Akan-Fuji which covered with snow completely.
Please enjoy calm one time carried out slowly.
measure with a snowshoes rental.
# It is snowshoes loan service as a stay privilege.

An open-air bath is located by passage side.

1371 m of Mt. Oakan, and the Akan lake

Included salt-gypsum-fibrosum hydrogen sulfide spring:
Transparency and colorlessness, precipitate of a white mineral-rich sediment.
Fountainhead temperature: 42 ツー, a natural gush, and 310 liter /m
sodium 288.0 Calcium 367.5 Magnesium 236.7 Potassium 63.4 etc. -- A total of 4226 mg
hypertension, arteriosclerosis, peripheral circulatory disturbance, the rheumatism, diabetes, the dyskinesia and chronic eczema, and a pimple - chilblain, a wound, gout, and the uric acid diathesis, ovarian dysfunction and menstruation disorder
Public Bathhouse
It is a waterfall open-air bath of an Onneto hot spring to nothing and the neighborhood.
By Train
Sapporo -> Nemuro Line, limited express about 3-hour and 40-minute -> Kushiro station -> Akan lakeside going bus terminal alighting, an about 2 hour -> Akan lake half -> limousine taxi, about 20 minutes, a meakan
By Car
Sapporo -> East Hokkaido way -> Ashoro IC->R241 and about 50 km -> meakan
By Plane
A general way besides Memanbetsu airport ->R240, and about 1 hour and 30 minutes -> meakan
A general way besides Kushiro Airport ->R241, and about 1 hour and 10 minutes -> meakan
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