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  • The Shirane-san foot, the alp hot-spring village which spreads in altitude of 1800 m, a manza hot spring skiing ground, and a prince ski slope can be seen.
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  • Treasuries, such as Komakusa, HIMESHAJIN, and a KOKIN laker, a July - the beginning of an August, and a "Karakama" are the remains of a crater to this Shirane-san (2165 m), alpine flora, and a Suite.
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  • a manza hot spring Karabuki (KARABUKI) -- stylish -- hey, a volcanic fumes is often raised, a sulfur content adheres and the surroundings are yellow.
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  • A Houkokukan, a Niga-yu souce-of-spring pouring gate.
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  • A morning-sun mountain ski slope and a start spot are 2035 m.
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