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[Outline] Gunma Manza @Tsumagoi-mura, Agatsuma-gun The enough noted spring of the Shirane-san volcano system hot spring field collect minerals
[Spring quality] Acid include sulfur-sodium sulfate-chloride hot spring (hydrogen sulfide spring) Clouded white 75 ° pH2.3 More than a square-stock-box cooling system (fountainhead concentration maintenance) is Houkokukan (Niga-yu) fountainhead data.
[Altitude] About 1800 m, the hot spring of a mountain
[Environment] 16 houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The Shirane-san boiling pot, this Shirane-san, a 熊池 lakes-and-marshes group, a Kagami pond, a Karabuki, a decorative gable mountain, a bear Shiro mountain, and a manza skiing ground
  • Houkokukan Houkokukan
The Characteristic
The Shirane-san foot, alp Onsenkyo leading [ Japanese ].The hot spring which makes the Shirane-san boiling pot consider and which became cloudy light-blue.A hot spring field collect minerals is begun and whole Onsenkyo is wrapped in the sulphuric good smell.Efficacy is also high, the spring quality of the acidity that a hole will open in two days in a pail can, and included sulfur is used as a spa resort from ancient times, and the inn which can be cooked for itself is also left behind.There are also many natural sightseeing courses and this Shirane-san is famous for the gregarious-life place of queen Komakusa of alpine flora.
Every year customary Komakusa festival:
Heisei 20, and 7/22and23 A flier, a manza tourist agency besides a market for vegetables

The large stump which is Komakusa in this Shirane-san

hiking -- account:
Shirane-san and this Shirane-san, and a manza - 100 peaks and spring Japan

Boiling pot


Cotton grass is the marshes 7/16 of full bloom and a Yumi-pond.

Acid sulfur containing-sodium sulphate-chlorides hot spring
(Hydrogen sulfide spring), clouded white 75 ツー pH2.3 Square-stock-box cooling system (fountainhead concentration maintenance)
It is Houkokukan (Niga-yu) fountainhead data above.
The rheumatism, neuralgia, gastroenteropathy, women's diseases, a chronic skin disease
By Train
Joetsu Line and Agatsuma Line use
Ueno station -> Manza kazawaguchi station (new limited express Kusatsu number about 2 hours and 38 minutes)
Joetsu Shinkansen use (the direction of Niigata)

Niigata station -> Takasaki station (about 1 hour and 20 minutes)
Takasaki station -> Manza kazawaguchi station (Agatsuma Line about 1 hour)
The Direction Going Bus about 45 Minutes of Manza from Manza Kazawaguchi

Manza hot spring field collect minerals

Ushiike-pond.A walk can be enjoyed involving a promenade.

By Car
From the direction of Tokyo
Kan'etsu National Expressway -> Nerima IC-> Shibukawa and Ikaho IC (about 75 minutes)
They are R17.R353.R145, and manza expressway (car of 1030 yen) about 110 minutes from Shibukawa and Ikaho IC.
* A summer's Shirane-san course is free convenient from Kusatsu in R292.
From the direction of Suzaka in Nagano (middle of the month of the end of an April - a November)
Notes winter traffic stop
Nagano Expressway -> the prefectural road from Suzaka east IC, Maki - the Hoshimata line (about 60 minutes)
Manza tourist agency: 0279-97-2152
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