Kiridumi(Gunma) |Hot springs deep inside Japan

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  • It is the scenery of Kirizumi Onsen at the time of a mountain azalea.
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  • To Mt. Hanamagari (about 1650 m) popular with a mountaineer, they are about 5 km and about 6-700 m of difference in elevation.
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  • It continues to Kumano Jinja (about 4 km) from a central part Hokuriku nature trail (old Nakasendo) and the Usui old road, and ruins, such as the remains of a middle-of-mountain tea stall, are remains from there to Kirizumi Onsen in the middle of about 4 km.
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  • Strangely shaped rocks of Mt. Myogi and back Myogi "Cyouzunokashira."
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  • Although it became a discontinued line with commencement of business of Nagano Shinkansen between the Usui Pass railroad culture unevenness (H11.4 open), Yokogawa - Karuizawa, the technique of going up the No.1 old slope of Japan, and a nostalgic car are exhibited,
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