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- Gunma Kawaba-mura, Tone-gun

    Japanese home
[Outline] -Gunma Kawaba-mura, Tone-gun
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
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The Characteristic
The inn of a straw-thatched roof which there is an earthen floor and the sunken hearth built in pursuit of the village-headman building of an enough genuine article in the mid-80s.There are not television, sing along machine, a vending machine, etc.Please relax in the bath the sunken hearth and the total hinoki were [ the bath ] extensive.

The thing in which the heart is made to settle is shown in the warmth of a cold and silent, the falling snow, and the hand held up to a sunken hearth, the perfume of the Quercus serrata which burns red with charcoal, and here.

Brown rice vegetable diet maigre dish
  • Brown rice and vegetables spring and according to water, no agrochemicals, and organic farming
  • Meal place: Dining-room
  • Breakfast is an unpolished rice gruel.
* an overnight stay with 2 meals -- consumption tax included and excluding bath tax
Same-price-all-the-time Rates
\15,750 \18,900
It calls at the room.
Indoor Hot Spring
A hinoki bath, the man and woman each 1
Guest Room
Six Japanese-style rooms (1 room with an inner hinoki bath) 24 persons
Multiple-purpose large hall (with grand piano)
Please ask an operating condition, the Rates, etc.
Near Station
From the Numata station to the Kawaba circle bus 40-minute Kawaba Spa bus stop

- Top -Postcode3780102
2077-1, Kawaba Yubara, Kawaba-mura, Tone-gun, Gumma-ken
Telephone 0278-52-2220 FAX 0278-52-2234
Welcome and Send-off
From the Kawaba Spa bus stop to a welcome and send-off
Parking Lot
20 sets
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