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[Outline] Gifu Shin hotaka @Kamitakara-mura, Yoshiki-gun It is a hidden hot spring crowd to Mt. Hodaka, a west ear trailhead, and the Kamata river.
[Spring quality] The fountainhead changes with inns. Yarimikan: 63 ° Simple spring Karukaya: 57-89 simple spring A carbonic-acid hydrogen-salt spring Nakao common: 70 ° Sulfur spring
[Altitude] The altitude 1000m-1200m, the Hotaka mountain peaks in line, the Mt. Yarigatake trailhead
[Environment] Around 50
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A shin hotaka ropeway and a Northern Alps Hotaka mountain peaks in line, Mt. Yarigatake, Kamikochi and mountain stream fishing
The Characteristic
There are no other places which can be freely seen this much to nearness, such as Mt. Yarigatake seen from the Japanese-North-Alps Hotaka mountain peaks in line and the hot spring resort central part which jump into eyes first at a hot spring entrance.Hot water quantity of where is [ a hot spring / an open-air bath ] exciting [ a scale and a number ] at abundance.Mountain climbing using an aerial ropeway is also popular, and it is just touch called a mountaineer's hot spring.

The Nakao Heights to "Mt. Yarigatake", and a shin hotaka aerial ropeway

(They are a steel tower and gondola to a right mountain)

If it goes by an aerial ropeway to the altitude of 2156 m, when it will go down to Kamikochi from there to a ridgeline for about 1 hour, in 2909 m of Mt. Nishi-Hotaka, they are about 2 hours and a half for about 2 hours.

The fountainhead changes with inns.
  • Yarimikan: 63 ツー, a simple spring,
  • Karukaya: 57-89, a simple spring, a hydrogencarbonate spring
  • A Nakao common: 70 ツー sulfur spring
  • Yarimikan: Neuralgia, rheumatism, gastroenteropathy
  • Karukaya: Neuralgia, rheumatism, women's diseases
  • A Nakao common: A skin disease, arthralgia, oversensitivity to cold, etc.
Public Bathhouse
The hot spring (an open-air bath, a small present) of a shin hotaka, an Alpine bathroom (no charge)
By Train
Shinjuku -> Chuo Line -> Matsumoto station -> Matsumoto electric railroad -> Noubi bus
Toyama -> Takayama Line -> Takayama station -> Noubi bus
Nagoya -> Takayama Line -> Takayama station -> Noubi bus

High speed bus: Noubi bus reservation center Telephone 0577-32-1688
By Car
  • Toyama -> it is 46 km of R41 Kamioka, and R471, and is 25 km.
  • Tokyo -> central way -> it passes through a Matsumoto IC->R158 -> Awa tunnel, and is 48 km.
  • Nagoya -> Meishin way -> it passes through a Komaki IC->R41 -> alp, and is about 145 km.
  • Nagoya -> Meishin way -> Komaki IC-> Tokai Hokurikudou -> 472->72 km of Gujyo-hachiman IC->R
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