Norimasa photograph digest [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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In a Norimasa complete view and a hot spring, the Terada hut mountain appears from about 500 m of this back, and behind the coulds.
Day fishing \1000 which can enjoy mountain stream fishing for about 10 minutes by the 50th elections of the brand-name spring water of Gifu Prefecture, Norimasa Otaki, 5 m in width, 30 m of difference, and a car
\3800 in which CM of JR will also offer ceramic art experience in about about 15 minutes by the Hida river ravine of familiarity, "Nakayama 7 village", and a car for one day
The Shiretoko mountain peaks in line from the Shiretoko park line, a right hand "Mt. Rausu."
From the pattern of the "Shiretoko openning-of-see spring-has-come festival", and the end of an April to middle of the month holding of a May
  • 2021-07-26(Mon)