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[Outline] Aomori Sukayu @Aomori The national recreation hot spring No. 1 in Mt. Hakkoda, a wooden Sennin-buro, a staying-self-cooking hot-spring cure
[Spring quality] The Touji of fever (fountainhead directly flow out it gets warm most): Acidity, include carbon-dioxide, iron, sulfur_aluminum_sulfuric acid, and chloride spring acidity hydrogen-sulfide-odor fountainhead 52.3 ° bathtub 41 ° pH1.9 Weak clouded white Touji (hot-spring-water-drawn-from-the-source ) of the a total of 5.112g/kg ratio of 6 to 4 It gets warm and a whom who is four copies of six copies of 43 °. Touji (42 ° of Yutaki Falls hot spring water drawn from the source) of a deer Touji (42 ° of each hot-spring-water-drawn-from-the-source man and woman) of the cold Touji (43 ° of hot spring water drawn from the source) of a ball It puffs and is an effect to Touji:hemorrhoids. Kodakra-no-yu (93 ° on foot [ * / about 10 minute ])
[Altitude] About 925 m, mountains national spa resort
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] the statue of Mt. Hakkoda, a Hakkouda aerial ropeway, mountains skiing, a jigoku swamp, a wooden bench with steam from a hot spring, a castle ヶ warehouse ravine (keep off), a water lily swamp, the Tohoku University Hakkouda vegetable experiment place, and an in-the-snow march victim, and a dragon -- the Goro Shimizu (before a hot spring)
  • Sukayu Sukayu
The Characteristic
In Showa 57 after [ snow car ] trying opening of traffic all year round, the Towada line was opened for traffic to the sukayu also winter.It is a hot spring which can be said to the severe natural environment surrounded by the beech primeval forest of Hakkouda dominant peak "Oodake" west-southeast as an enough and a big-scale national spa resort.It is said that some fountainhead is centering on the hot-spring fountainhead of fever, the local master unified management and it, respectively, and the Sukayu which the hunter of the Yokouchi village and the Osanai Saemon-shirou discovered became the present form in 1684 once upon a time.Then, it became a form where wooden Large bath structure (the No.1 size of Japan as wooden) "Khiva Sennin-buro" was built, the fountainhead of the "ratio of 6 to 4", "the hot spring of the cold", and "the hot spring of a deer" was drawn hot spring water from the source on the hot-spring fountainhead of fever, and four spring quality could be used by four bathtubs.Even if a scale is large, it is a hot spring which keeps in mind the Ryokan structure which suits the natural environment of a Hakkouda carefully in a traditional visitor to a hot-spring resort.It is also the hot spring which received specification of the national hot-bath resort No. 1 in Showa 29.It is said that the descendant of an Osanai Saemon-shirou visits to a Sukayu still now.

the Shikauchi hermit and Shikauchi -- a dragon -- Goro:
The usher of a Hakkouda who worked for the Sukayu from 15 years old, and the victim who leads the postwar period prewar days and exceeds 500 persons are immediately dispatched also in the case of rescue and an in-the-snow march accident, and it is said that five persons were rescued.It is said that the tourist has also moved taking a hermit bath every morning and sounding a bugle as for a daily lesson and the clear timbre.Also the anecdote which bolted the slug and the frog.the hawk which calls the hawk which came flying with a bamboo whistle, and circles when it shows the Munakata Shikou to a Hakkouda -- the hawk of "God, and the you which flew and came and which carries out hawk if-you-see success in life -- it becomes the world's No.1 -- " -- it is said that it said
"It is beech forest with eating man about lot in slight lack" Omachi Keigetsu

A wooden attractive point remain dressing room

The false ceiling of the No.1 wooden Large bath structure "Sennin-buro" of Japan

A Ryokan section guest room building, a courtyard, the hot-spring bath structure of a ball

An in-the-snow march victim's statue

They are all the quotations about an in-the-snow march accident monument * local inscription.
210 persons' band led by army foot soldier captain-God text Yoshi passed through this ground, and made the Kobata army graveyard behind the basis of assumption of meeting the Russian troops who land at an 8 Tobera field toward Hajime Tashiro water temperature good on the next day in the Sanbongi plain at Meiji era Haruzo 6:55 a.m. on January 23, 15.A blizzard is encountered in the way, and it is isolated over three day and night, and is rescued barely, and a whom-who person is a Large accident case in which only 17 persons and 193 persons froze to death.He is a commander in order to report this tragic state to a regiment. The Goto Fusanosuke sergeant who won Captain Kaminari's life was discovered by the search party in the place which is carrying out the stay standing still in 27 days of noon on the fifth, and a heavy snowfall in suspended animation since the departure.It revived after the 11 part by the Murakami Kiitsu army surgeon's treatment, and the outline of the accident case became clear by the faint utterance.This achievement was accepted and it became bronze statue erection.- Goto Fusanosuke sergeant and the maker from whom the model became a symbolic existence of the accident case are a Taigan Ujihiro.Although the bronze statue was completed on Meiji era Haruzo October 23, 17, it is among the Russo-Japanese War and the unveiling ceremony was held from consideration of the military authorities in the inside of the attendance of people of survivor's a large number to an army, a bureaucrat and people, and it on Meiji era Haruzo July 23, 19.There is the purpose of bronze statue erection saying "The fact of an accident is clarified and it is considered as the mark of next those who march."
East Hakkouda tourism development conference

Kasamatsu Pass

hot-spring [ of fever ] (fountainhead directly flow out -- it gets warm most): -- acidity, included carbon-dioxide, iron, sulfur-aluminum sulfuric acid and chlorides spring, weak clouded-white, and acid taste hydrogen sulfide odor
52.3 ツー of fountainhead, 41 ツー of bathtubs, pH 1.9, and a total of 5.112g/kg
A hot spring at the ratio of 6 to 4 (drawing hot spring water from the source and getting warm a whom who four copies of six copies of 43 ツー)
The hot spring of a deer (Yutaki Falls, hot spring water drawn from the source, 42 ツー)
The hot spring of the cold (hot spring water drawn from the source, each man and woman, 42 ツー)
The hot spring of a ball (hot spring water drawn from the source, 43 ツー)
It puffs and they are an effect and Kodakra-no-yu to hot-spring:hemorrhoids.
(* on foot about 10 minutes, 93 ツー)
The prognosis of neuralgia, rheumatism, oversensitivity to cold, a neuritis, gastroenteropathy, women's diseases, gout, a wound, a burn, a gin machine, diabetes, a skin disease, anemia, habitual constipation, hemorrhoids, poliomyelitis, asthma, a bed-wetting disease, a blow, and fracture
By Train
Tokyo -> Shinkansen about 3 hours -> Hachinohe -> JR Tohoku Line limited express, an about 1 hour -> Aomori station
Aomori station -> JR bus, and about 1 hour and 10 minutes -> Sukayu
Aomori station -> Pick-up bus and 1 No. 2 per day -> Sukayu
Free welcome and send-off: Reservation required
Aomori from station No., 10:00 and 12:45, 2
From Sukayu No., 8:30 and 11:20, 2
By Car
Tokyo -> A northeast way, 653 km-> Kuroishi IC->R102 to R394, and about 24 km -> Sukayu

Aomori IC->R103 and about 30 km -> Sukayu
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