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[Outline] Yamagata Goshiki @Yonezawa Yonezawa, a historied isolated lodge, the hot-spring cure that gets warm
[Spring quality] Sodium carbonic acid hydrogen salt spring (Sodium-Hydrogen-Carbonate carbonate spring) 47 ° 52 °
[Altitude] About 800 m, the hot spring of a mountain
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The Azuma mountain peaks in line, a goshiki swamp, the Yonezawa ruined castle, the Uesugi shrine, and the Uesugi memorial hall
The Characteristic
It is a quiet hot spring which wells ups from the Oou Line Itaya station to the mountain side of about 5 km and the feeling enough mountain of opening.a Founded or started to use this hot spring -- about 1300 years before and part NO -- the history in which a small angle is told to have seen and discovered the clouds of volcanic steam of the goshiki and is [ 5th ] northeast the oldest -- an enough.The hot spring which often gets warm is used as Kodakra-no-yu as a spiritual spring for many years.The first skiing ground in Japan is made as private management, there is a ski lodge "6 Flower club" only for the Imperial Family and the nobility that's right and those days for which the Imperial Family and the nobility were also used, and it can observe that it was a storied hot spring for meiji 44 years.

Complete view

The open-air bath in a forest.

The open-air bath of the Heisei 12 establishment

* The goshiki skiing ground aged Heisei 10 and is closed.

Sodium hydrogencarbonate spring (Sodium-Hydrogen-Carbonate carbonate spring) 47 ° 52 °
Women's diseases, anemia, neuralgia, a cut, a burn, chronic dermatitis, muscular pain, the arthralgia and a frozen shoulder
Public Bathhouse
By Train
A northeast and the Yamagata Shinkansen use
Tokyo -> Shinkansen about 1-hour and 30 minutes, and Fukushima station -> Oou Line about 25 minutes, the Itaya station

From Yamagata and the direction of Niigata
Yonezawa -> Oou Line, about 25 minutes, the Itaya station
By Car
From the direction of Tokyo
A Urawa IC-> northeast way, 21 km of about 260 km-> Fukushima iizaka I.C->R13 abbreviation, Itaya

From Yamagata and the direction of Niigata
Yonezawa -> 21 km of R13 abbreviation, Itaya

It is about 5 km about Itaya to a mountain path.
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