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[Outline] Shimane Hinogami @Okuizumo-cho, Nita-gun The smooth alkaline spring of the Mt. Sentsu foot and the Hii River origin, two houses
[Spring quality] Simple alkaline spring: Water-white Tasteless no-odor fountainhead [ pH 9.2 ] temperature: It is based on the fountainhead. About 18.26 °.
[Altitude] About 550 m, the hot spring of an in a mountain
[Environment] Two houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The Log, Hii River, the frame frame swimming pool and the Itohara memorial hall, the Tatara sword hall, the biidoro giyaman, the Kisuki Line truck train, monster serpent loop, and Oni-no-shita-burui of the waterfall, yew tree big tree, and katsura of Mt. Sentsu and a Torigami
  • Tanabe Tanabe
The Characteristic
In two, the tepid spring which wells ups to the Hii River origin, the fountainhead which it was before called the Iwabushino-yu and was used as a spa resort, and the Tanabe fountainhead, Yokota-cho considers a prospecting digging (26 °) as a trial digging (18 °) a flow out naturally and after that in the Showa last stage, and two inns are using the three fountainhead now.Such a smooth alkaline spring that it is realizable only by washing a hand at the fountainhead, hot-water-quantity Toyotomi, and the hot-water supply place of a small present make a long line during a weekend.The Torigami mountain trail (old road) covered with the huge rock of the natural stone which continues for a long time along the town and Hii River which prosper by the iron manufacture produced from iron sand, and produce a Tamahagane iron uniquely with a current day book gives till Taisho the history which continues from a Yamata-no-orochi.

Mt. Sentsu 1142 m

<> The mountain of the Tottori Prefecture border Hii River origin.In the mountain trail GW and near the top, Erythronium japonicum grows gregariously in 360 views and April 20 everyday life.Moreover, Taxus cuspidata with the largest in the world and the branch tension of about 260 straw mats is an enough.about 1 hour after a Torigami trailhead -- just for a moment .

Frame frame swimming pool

<> Hii River flows through a left hand and it can enjoy both a river and a swimming pool.

Monster serpent loop bridge

A truck train runs a switchback in a difficult part also for the double loop bridge of the maximum scale which starts crossing a mountain near the Hiroshima-ken border in Japan, and a railroad.

Tatara sword hall

Biidoro Giyaman "Binyosha"

Oni-no-shita-burui Oni-no-shita-burui

<> It is a recommended trekking course which a promenade is improved in the canyon which continues about 3 km, and can enjoy a hole, a huge rock, etc. of a riverbed.The natural treasure of a country, the prefectural appointed nature park.
Simple alkaline spring:
Transparency and colorlessness, tasteless no odor, pH 9.2
Fountainhead temperature: It calls at the fountainhead. About 18.26 °.
Lustrous skin, gastroenteric ulcer, a cut, atopy, neuralgia, the rheumatism, and a bruise
Public Bathhouse
By Train
Shinji station -> Kisuki Line, an about 1-hour and 20-minute -> Izumo-Yokota station -> hinogami going bus, about 25 minutes, terminal hinogami alighting

Tokyo -> Shinkansen about 4 hours and 10 minutes -> Okayama -> Hakubi Line limited express Yakumo about 1 hour and 40 minutes -> Shozan station -> a welcome and send-off or taxi use

Hiroshima -> Geibi Line about 3 hours -> Bingo-Ochiai -> Kisuki Line, an about 1 hour -> Izumo-Yokota station -> hinogami going bus, about 25 minutes, terminal hinogami alighting

Kisuki Line: Saturdays and Sundays run by switchback in fame and spring, and a truck train runs every day in summer.
By Car
China way -> Niimi IC->R182, the district way 8, R183, the district way 9, the district way 108, and about 1 hour -> hinogami
Matsue ->R9andR54, about 40 km
Yonago way -> Hiruzen IC->R181, R183, the district way 9, the district way 108, and about 1 hour -> hinogami