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[Outline] Niigata Renge @Yokomachi, Itoigawa-shi The Mt. Shirouma trailhead, Yukikura morning-sun good-location-to-see mountains hidden hot spring
[Spring quality] The five fountainhead The total Touji (inner bath): Simple hot spring The weak clouded white . Precipitation of a white mineral-rich sediment Senkino-yu (Open air bath): Simple acid spring Clouded white Koganeno-yu (Open air bath): Heavy carbonic acid Calcium Hydrogen Carbonate Transparent Yakushino-yu (Open air bath): Acid gypsum spring Weak clouded white Kind of green Sangokuichino-yu (Open air bath): Simple acid spring Transparent fountainhead temperature: It is based on the fountainhead. The - total Touji is about 80 ° suitable temperature.
[Altitude] About 1475 m, a Northern Alps good-location-to-see mountains hot spring
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The garden and Hakuba-ooike of the common marsh and tengu of a small renge mountain, Mt. Shirouma, a Mt.Yukikura-dake, Mt. Asahi, and arms and war horses
The Characteristic
It is a hot spring of an enough isolated lodge to the trailhead of the altitude of 1475 m, and a Mt. Shirouma North 3 Mountain (*1).As the view of the Japanese North Alps for which four open-air baths press the point-of-origin belt which stands face to face against the Mt.Yukikura-dake and Mt. Asahi at the northernmost end of a Japanese North Alps close at hand does not have a parallel in others and it is in the name of a Yukikura, bathing while looking at the grand shape of a mountain of especially an unmelted snow term is wonderful.A road is shut by snow till the middle of the month of a June, and serves as a mountain skier purveyor's inn from the March middle of the month of a business start till May 10 every day.It becomes season in from the Lysichitum camtschatcense of the common marsh between 兵 at the beginning of a June.

Two natural hot springs are enoughs to the forest gone down to two point-of-origin belts for a while.

From a small renge mountain to Mt. Shirouma

There are common [ of arms and war horses ], a stream and a marsh, and an antelope observatory, and it can go around in about 2 hours.

it passes a white pond by car from Hiraiwa -- a siskin -- if it turns at a common curve, a Mt.Yukikura-dake and Mt. Asahi will be imminent before them suddenly.A the beginning photography of July and unmelted snow term has force grand again.

Up to Hakuba-ooike, a tengu's garden is crossed, and if it comes so far, alpine flora can be enjoyed enough for about 3 hours.The Chinguruma was whole surface full bloom.(H14.9.3)

Mt. Shirouma North 3 Mountain
2932.2 m Mt. Shirouma (Japanese one hundred famous mountains)
A 2610.9 m Mt.Yukikura-dake (200 Japan mountain)
2418.3 m Mt. Asahi

Mt. Shirouma mountain-climbing information: A 100 peaks and spring Japan, Mt. Shirouma and a renge

* Winter closure The middle of the month of October 20 every day - a March

The five fountainhead
- The total hot spring (inner bath) : a simple hot spring, a weak clouded white, precipitate of a white mineral-rich sediment
- Senkino-yu (open-air bath) : a simple acid spring, a clouded white
- Koganeno-yu (open-air bath) : an earthy bicarbonated spring, transparence
- Yakushino-yu (open-air bath) : an acid gypsum-fibrosum spring, a weak clouded white, light green.
- Sangokuichino-yu (open-air bath) : a simple acid spring, transparence
Fountainhead temperature: It calls at the fountainhead. The - total hot spring is about 80 ° suitable temperature.
By a hot spring, they are the rheumatism, gastroenteropathy, eczema, etc.
Public Bathhouse
By Train
Shinjuku -> limited express Azusa about 2 hours and 30 minutes -> Matsumoto
Nagoya -> limited express about 2 hours and 20 minutes -> Matsumoto
Matsumoto -> Oito Line about 50 minutes -> Shinano-Oomachi -> Oito Line about 60 minutes -> Minami-Otari -> Oito Line about 25 minutes -> Hiraiwa station
Niigata -> JR Hokuriku Line limited express, an about 2-hour and 10-minute -> Itoigawa -> Oito Line about 30-minute -> Hiraiwa station
Hiraiwa station -> the Itoigawa bus renge hot spring going about 60 minutes -> renge hot spring
By Car
* The completion of snow removal and road opening of traffic are towards the end of a June every year.
Tokyo -> Nagano way -> Koshoku IC / Nagano IC->R18andR19, about 40 KM-> white horse via white horse Osamu Nagano ->R148, about 25 km-> Hiraiwa, and about 15 km -> renge
Itoigawa ->R148 and about 25 KM -> renge
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