Obama photograph digest [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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A clouds-of-volcanic-steam emit, the Shimabara peninsula, the high temperature spring at the foot of Mt. Unzen.
A seaside open bath, the Namino-yu "Akane" of 300 yen (Heisei 16).
the Yudutsu using a high temperature spring and a hot spring egg are also seen here and there -- old (Ryokan Kunisaki) this many hot water -- an actor qualified to play the protagonist in noh play -- a residence and the Ohama-cho history scientific library.
From Nita-toge to good-location-to-see Mt. Unzen
A pouring gate to the Serikawa river side and a carbonate spring are Geho-Geho splash-around Gani-yus.
  • 2022-05-20(Fri)