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[Outline] Kyoto Mugenkyo @Minami-Yamashiro-mura, Soraku-gun The quiet hidden hot spring to which the Iga river and the Nabari Kawade meeting are, and a kingfisher flyings
[Spring quality] a carbonic acid cold mineral spring -- water-white Tasteless no odor fountainhead temperature: -- about 18 °.
[Altitude] About 100 m, the hidden hot spring of a river side
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A mugenkyo, the Iga river, the Nabari river, Kizu-gawa, a temple bell rock, Takayama Dam, Tsukigase Umebayashi, the Kaijusen-ji five-storied pagoda (national treasure), the Uji tea garden, and the Kasagi-yama nature park (cherry-blossoms famous place)
The Characteristic
Except that one way leading to a dam is visible to the opposite shore, only in an enough, a river, a mountain, and the silent environment are.Small fish crowds together, it makes and swims, and the kingfisher which shone the blue back with Kiraly goes across a surface of a river.It is said that this was a joke social place as space [ composure ] on the opposite shore when the Iga line descent was presenting the life at the beginning of Showa.The hot spring was also built the annex and discovered almost simultaneously by the inn in Minamiyamashiro from too much wonderful environment.There is also no downstream dam those days, and now, the clear stream which was varied is also quiet as if the current of the times stopped, and there is even sadly.

The juncture of the Iga river and a right-hand Nabari river

The symbol temple bell rock of a hot spring

The promenade of the Tsurunoya and hill at the back where five Separate from mains stand in a row

Carbonic acid cold mineral spring
Transparency and colorlessness, tasteless no odor.
Fountainhead temperature: About 18 ツー.
Original cylinder type and Tsurunoya men's section of a bathhouse

General hot spring efficacy, such as neuralgia which often gets warm by the far-infrared rays of a natural stone, and the effect of a carbonic acid.
Public Bathhouse
By Train
Tokyo -> Shinkansen about 2 hours and 15 minutes -> Kyoto
Kyoto -> the Nara Line Kizu course, a Kansai Line about 2-hour -> Tsukigaseguchi station
Osaka -> Yamatoji Line, and Kansai Line about 1 hour and 30 minutes -> Tsukigaseguchi station
Nara -> Kansai Line about 40 minutes -> Tsukigaseguchi station
Nagoya -> Kansai Line about 2 hours -> Tsukigaseguchi station
Tsukigaseguchi station -> welcome and send-off (on foot about 30 minutes) -> mugenkyo
By Car
Osaka -> a Root Meihan, a May bridge IC course, about 1 hour and 30 minutes
Kyoto -> a general way, about 2 hours
Nara -> a general way, about 40 minutes
Nagoya -> Higashimeihan -> Root Meihan -> Kazuyuki Iga Miya ->R163, about 2 hours and 30 minutes
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