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[Outline] Ishikawa Chugu @Yoshinodani-mura, Ishikawa-gun A hakusan road-through-a-forest mouth, the lustrous skin system of a crane crane which makes the Touji of an Oyadani consider
[Spring quality] Include Sodium-Hydrogen-Carbonate weak hot brine spring It becomes cloudy slightly. 65 °
[Altitude] About 700 m, the hot spring of a valley
[Environment] Several houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The Touji, the Fukube-fall, nature conservation center, and Jadani canyon of a hakusan, Mikata Iwatake, a hakusan road through a forest, a nurse ヶ waterfall, and an Oyadani
The Characteristic
The hot spring which wells ups to the quiet ravine for several minutes from the foot of a hakusan, and hakusan road-through-a-forest chugu toll gate this side.The hot spring of discovery about 1300 years ago is a noted spring it is supposed that it is especially called "a gastroenteric hot spring" and is effective against a gastric ulcer of a noted spring.That it cannot overlook on a road through a forest, a Jadani canyon and eight waterfalls are the sightseeing in the hot spring of the Mikata Iwatake mountain climbing and an Oyadani, and it.All waterfalls are touch called the mecca of a waterfall with personality and beautifully.The promenade from the conservation-of-nature center back to a Jadani canyon also seemed to be pleasant.

2702 m of hakusans, and a hakusan road through a forest
June five days -, and November ten days (it may change.)
Standard-sized car of 3150 yen Prohibition of walking

The left bank is a "hot spring of Oyadani" open-air bath to a nurse KA waterfall and the opposite shore.

A photograph is a Nishiyama hot spring rice-gruel set.
It also delivers.
an included Sodium-Hydrogen-Carbonate weak hot brine spring -- small -- a clouded white and 65 ツー
Gastroenteropathy, a gastric ulcer, a duodenal ulcer, chronic gastric catarrh, chronic intestinal catarrh, a cut, a burn, chronic cardiopathy, etc.
Public Bathhouse
They are open-air bath "hot spring of Oyadani" mixed bathing, and no charge in front of a nurse KA waterfall.
The hot spring which is effective against a skin disease, and a hand become a crane crane, so that it says that the leprosy patient treated the hot spring of the Oyadani a long time ago.
By Train
Osaka -> it is Hokuriku Line and a limited express and is a 2-hour and 39-minute -> Kanazawa station.
Nagoya -> Hokuriku Line, a limited express 3-hour -> Kanazawa station
Tokyo -> a Shinkansen Maibara change, a 4-hour and 30-minute -> Kanazawa station

Kanazawa station -> bus 15 minutes -> Nomachi station -> train 28 minutes -> Tsurugi -> bus 36 minutes -> under a hakusan -> bus 40 minutes -> chugu
* There is also a bus down to a hakusan from Kanazawa.80 minutes
By Car
Hokuriku National Expressway use
About 1 hour and 20 minutes after Kanazawa I.C.
About 1 Hour after Komatsu I.C.
About 1 hour and 40 minutes after Fukui north I.C.
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