Suigetsu Yunoyama[General info-Hot springs deep inside Japan]

The wooden structure of a hexagon - Mie Komono-cho, Mie-gun

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open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
Alkali simple spring (radium spring 7.7 mache) 25.8 ° Natural gush Water-white
Effect of a hot spring
Rheumatism, womens diseases, a gastroenteric disorder, etc.

A Rates and the plan list for stay tentative reservation

booking term
Adult: From the junior high school student from a junior high school student Child A: Elementary school upper classes Child A: A dish is a grown-up decrease of number of articles. Rateses are 70% of adults. Child B: A dish is a child's lunch. Rateses are 50% of adults. Infant: It is no charge when you have no bedclothes dish.
booking info
a Rates is not based on a day of the week and a season -- a dish -- measure. Bon Festival (8/13 14 15) New Year (1-/1-2-3)
Distance km
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The Kintetsu limited express, about 90 minutes
Yokkaichi station

The Kintetsu limited express, about 25 minutes
Yokkaichi station

Yokkaichi station
Kintetsu Yunoyama Line, about 25 minutes
Yunoyama station
A yunoyama going bus, about 10 minutes

Yokkaichi and yunoyama IC
R477, about 20 minutes

* Suzuka skylines are no charge and winter closing now.
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