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open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
Sodium carbonic acid hydrogen salt spring (Sodium-Hydrogen-Carbonate carbonate spring) 47 ° 52 °
Effect of a hot spring
Womens diseases, anemia, neuralgia, a cut, a burn, chronic dermatitis, muscular pain, an arthritic pain and a frozen shoulder

A Rates and the plan list for stay tentative reservation

booking term
Adult: From the junior high school student from a junior high school student A child is a school child. Infant: Preschooler Child A: A dish is a dish for children. A Rates is uniformly 7000 yen. Child B: A dish is a child's lunch. A Rates is 4500 yen. Infant: With no meal With no bedclothes Admission fee of 1000 yen
booking info
It is based on a room (view) dish. Course: (Following reservation is up to 3 Hikuma) Weekday mini hot-spring-cure two nights stay with 4 meals: 16950 yen Only year ends and New Year holidays and a before holiday run winter (to the 2nd week of a March). Winter heating expenses: 1500 yen per one day
Distance km
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute

Shinkansen about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the Fukushima station
Oou Line about 25 minutes, the Itaya station

Oou Line, about 25 minutes, the Itaya station

Urawa IC
A northeast way, about 260 km
Fukushima iizaka I.C
21 km of R13 abbreviation, Itaya

21 km of R13 abbreviation, Itaya

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