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A mountain and a hidden hot spring - Iwate-ken Kitakami-shi Waga-cho

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Spring quality of a hot spring
Motoyu geto: 52-65 ℃ of fountainhead sodium_calcium_chlorides spring of each open-air bath Geto sansou: Geto joint fountainhead calcium_sodium_sulphate hot spring of the side of an inn 67.6 ℃
Efficacy of a hot spring
# Oyu: The hot spring of neuralgia, the rheumatism, a skin disease, and a trauma waterfall: A skin disease and a trauma # Senki-no-yu: Women's diseases and a hemorrhoids # true hot spring: The hot spring of the stomach and intestines, asthma, tuberculosis, and a physically-weak-child # woman: The hot spring of an eye-disease # white monkey: The hot spring of neuralgia, gout, high blood pressure, and a trauma # Oama little dog : neuralgia, rheumatism, and high blood pressure


Distance km

Tohoku Shinkansen
A geto going bus (one-day three round trips), about 70 minutes
Geto sansou

Northeast way
Northing Ezuriko IC
About 45 minutes
Geto sansou

Osamu Akita
Northing west IC
About 35 minutes
Geto sansou

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Geto sansou
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