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Hidden hot spring - Akita-ken Yuzawa-shi

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open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
Simple hydrogen sulfide spring 80.5 ℃ Clouded-white simple sulfur spring 79.6 ℃ More than a clouded white is the Okuyama-Ryokan fountainhead slightly. The fountainhead original with each Ryokan is pulled. Spring quality also differs little by little. (also quantity of a mud component respectively)
Efficacy of a hot spring
high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, peripheral circulatory bisturdance, a rheumatic disease, and diabetes Others


Distance km

The Yamagata Shinkansen wings, fastest about 2 hours and the 30 minutes, the Yamagata station
Oou Line, about 2 hours
Yuzawa station
Doroyu going bus about 1 hour and 20 minutes, a terminal
Okuyama Ryokan

* Bus : as for doroyu going bus terminal, doroyu (summer), 11 / 1 - 4/30, Ikoinomura bus stop is terminal.
Urawa IC
Northeast way
Ichinoseki I.C.
R342 Kurikoma Heights
It passes through the prefectural road 282, R398, and the district way 51, and is about 66 km.
Okuyama Ryokan

* Winter R342.R397.R398 are traffic stop.
Urawa IC
Northeast way
Northing Jct
Akita Expressway
Yokote I.C.
Yuzawa Yokote road
Yuzawa I.C.
It passes through R13 and the district way 51, and is about 26 km.
Okuyama Ryokan

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Okuyama Ryokan
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