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Snow-Monky-Park opposite shore Nagano Yamanouchimachi, Shimo-Takai-gun

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open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
From 60 ° to a 90 ° weak alkaline gypsum spring bitter taste spring
Effect of a hot spring
Neuralgia, a rheumatic disease, a gastroenteric disorder, hemorrhoids, etc.
inner bath
Separated by gender
private inner bath
Lodger no charge (two places)
open air bath
and a mixed bathing open-air bath
cell-phone area
depends on a cell-phone
Check in hour
Check out hour
pick up
Public parking lot
Credit card
Available Credit Cards listed below.
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booking term
An adult is more than a junior high school student. Child A: The same dish as an adult and a Rates are 80% of adults. Child B: With no setup Infant: Dish Those without a futon are no charge.
booking info
Ordinary term: 4/1~12/20 winter: 12 / 21 - 3/31 Although a supper is from 18:00, since it becomes dark, please reach by around 4:00 p.m. When becoming late, I ask telephone contact of a Ryokan. Since an electric light is not in a promenade, a lamp becomes indispensable. Winter 12/21~3/31 Ordinary term 4/1~12/20 Television is not in the room. The one person of a before holiday may be unable to accept.
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute

Tokyo station
Hokuriku Shinkansen
Nagano station
Nagano Electric Railway

Nagoya station
Limited Express Shinano
Nagano station
Nagano Electric Railway

Yudanaka station
Kanbayashi bus stop (terminal)
On foot about 35 minutes

Nagano station
Express bus (the Shiga Heights going)
Kanbayashi mouth bus stop
About 2.5 km, on foot about 45 minutes

* The kanbayashi mouth bus stop of the Shiga Heights line : be the lower hit of the romantic art museum of the national road 292, and it becomes on foot about 200 m to a kanbayashi bus stop.
* ■ kanbayashi route
# Superior [ of a kanbayashi ] has a Snow-Monky-Park entrance. The promenade where the rest is flat although it is sudden at first just for a moment (1.8 km on foot [ about 30-minute ])
* Kanbayashi route. To the place where a slope can be seen, the rest is flat.
# ■ shibu route (passing each other is [ 12/1 - 3 / 31 winter closing, and more than standard-sized car ] difficult)
# When it goes the steep hill way in front of a shibu and a Shingen-kama-buro, it is about 300-m, about 30 m of vertical interval, and on foot about 10 minutes from a jigokudani parking lot (standard-sized car of 500 yen), and there in about 2 km, and it is a Kourakukan.
A jigokudani parking lot is the around bridge currently written to be a jigokudani ravine (left of a red hot spring mark), when the google map of synthesis information is expanded.
* Both of the routes are light Mandatory after the evening.
Joshin-etsu Expressway
Shinsyu Nakano IC
On foot about 30 minutes

Central way
Osamu Nagano
Joshin-etsu way
Shinsyu Nakano IC
On foot about 30 minutes

[Parking lot]
* Snow-Monkey-Park parking lot (no charge) * Kourakukan parking lot : this side of a Snow-Monkey-Park parking lot top good at a kanbayashi, and the monkey seat

This hall

Please enjoy a walk slowly from the exit of Shibu Onsen for about 15 minutes and about 30 minutes from Kanbayashi.

Snow monkey checks water temperature of mixed bathing open bath.
The scene of Snow Monkey
Hot spring

All the bath overflow and a souce of spring are water-running adjustments because of high temperature.
The bath in a seperated
Mixed bathing open bath
The open bath only for a woman
Two charter private baths
One-day-trip bathing: Adult:500 yen 12:00~15:00

Photograph :
Snow monkies bathing in a female open bath.

Wooden inside of a hall

The inside of a hall of the effect of the countrified area of healing spring.restroom are rinsings.It is not in the room.


Handmade dishes, such as wild grass, river fish and a wild boar, or a hot-pot dish with duck meat and vagetables, are nice.In the case of char and a continuous stay, as for the 2nd night, from a sweetfish and spring, river fish's tempura and wild banboo sprout of a foliage plant are a nice dish of a mountain.

The boiled rice of breakfast is five grain rice, and, of course, an egg is a hot spring egg.

Jigokudani spa is a birthplace of shin-fuseki in Igo.
Jigokudani spa is well-known as a birthplace of shin-fuseki (new strategic placing of pieces) in the Japanese game go.

And also there is a stone monument .

This is the other side of stone monument of go .

This is a autographed game board of Kitani Minoru who was a Go player with excellent skills.

This is a autographed game board of Go Seigen who is a Go player with excellent skills.

This is the room that Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru studied of shin fuseki. Korakukan at Jigokudani is parent's home of Kitani Minoru's wife (Kitani Miharu).

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