Oodaira (Yamagata) [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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[Outline] Yamagata Oodaira @Yonezawa Yonezawa, a waterfall and a cliff, the hidden hot spring of a canyon, mountain stream fishing
[Spring quality] an include gypsum_calcium sulfate and hydrogen sulfide As for the 63 ° fountainhead, two one reaches a branch about 100 m from an inn. one more -- further -- the top per minute -- 780L
[Altitude] About 1050 m, the hidden hot spring of a canyon
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A Kaenno-taki, a Kengyuno-taki, a Tsubakurono-taki, Matsukawa Otaki, the Mogami river origin, Azuma-yama, and the Azuma mountain peaks in line

The Characteristic
To a source, it is a flow big river "Mogami river" from end to end about Yamagata-ken in Azuma-yama.The hot spring which wells ups to the unexplored region of the origin.If a path through a wood is gone up from Yonezawa to a parking lot with an altitude of 1200 m and it goes down from there 150 m, the unexplored region is located to a valley bottom.The suspension bridge concerning the ravine of place deep in the mountains is about 20 minutes from a parking lot.The circumference has a Kaenno-taki which drops the best origin at a stretch in about 150-m superior from the famous place of fresh green and red leaves, and an inn.the ancient times of about about 1100 year, and practice sake -- a mountain -- when the ascetic's Gyo-jya who entered deeply does a night in Meiji era in the cave under a waterfall, it is said that that of the enough of a hot spring was near got to know by the divine message of Takashi Fudo who appeared in the dream, and it discovered.the fountainhead in the inner part of a Saharazawa is located at a place where river bottom is not believed -- how kind, discover and pass a period -- he was surprised when managed.

It is a hidden hot spring of 20 minutes and a canyon about a steep hill.

The isolated lodge of a hidden hot spring oodaira "Takimiya Ryokan"

It is an enough Saharazawa of the fountainhead to an upper stream.

The lodger can do mountain stream fishing.me -- one fishing -- disadvantage -- it was.It is said that one you fish generally. Up to spring - September 15 every day.

The cliff and Kaenno-taki for which both banks are pressed

* A waterfall can be seen from an inner bath.It is about 10 minutes from an inn to along a river.
Among others are a Tsubakurono-taki etc. in 10 more minutes from a Kengyuno-taki (about 10 minutes) and there.

The cliff which encloses an open-air bath

Azuma mountain peaks in line
It is about 5 hours to the Azuma mountain-peaks-in-line traversing way and Toujyuro bifurcation.(Summer and Fubou-kaku-Mama-gawa-river cross-over-a-river course)
* Please be sure to ask the Yonezawa-shi public office sightseeing division the existence of mountain trail maintenance.

West Azuma-yama

A Naka-Daiten, the high-moor pond group of a marsh

the flower of the Azuma mountain peaks in line and the Naka-Daiten summit of the mountain, and June/-- the first

A yamatsutsuji is a pleasure in front of a rainy season.

They are Azuma-yama and a hidden hot spring "oodaira" in detail.

An included gypsum-fibrosum-calcium sulfate and hydrogen sulfide 63 °
One more the fountainhead reaches two and one reaches a branch about 100 m from an inn is the top further.780L/m
Gastroenteropathy, diabetes and the dyskinesia (especially neuroparalysis), peripheral circulatory bisturdance, a wound, a burn, rheumatism, neuralgia, a skin disease, high blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis
Public Bathhouse
By Train
A northeast and the Yamagata Shinkansen use
Tokyo -> Shinkansen about 1-hour and 30 minutes, and Fukushima station -> Oou Line about 30 minutes, the Yonezawa station
From Yamagata and the direction of Niigata
Yonezawa -> Oou Line about 20 minutes, the Yonezawa station
* From the Yonezawa station to pick-up use(Reservation required)
* On foot-from parking lot 20 minutes.It is a sports-shoes important point per path through a wood of 150 m of difference in elevation, and a steep slope.
By Car
From the direction of Tokyo
It goes into the prefectural road 376 from Urawa IC-> northeast way and about 260 km-> Fukushima iizaka I.C.->R13 and Arthraxon hispidus, and they are 47 km of Nanbara and abbreviation via an oodaira.

* Path-through-a-wood descent curves are slip cautions per gravel road!
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