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The hidden hot spring in Kurobe Gorge - Toyama Unazukimachi, Shimo-Niikawa-gun

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[Outline] The hidden hot spring in Kurobe Gorge Kanetsuri-Toyama Unazukimachi, Shimo-Niikawa-gun
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[One day trip bathing] A dry river bed open-air bath and daytime are no charge (small present).
[Address] Shimo-Niikawa-gunUnazukimachi Oku-kurobe
[Telephone] (0765)62-1103 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
It is an enough isolated lodge in the severe nature of the cliff which was inserted into the Japanese-North-Alps Tateyama mountain peaks in line and the back Tateyama mountain peaks in line and which rises steeply, and Kurobe Gorge which continued resisting people.The nature itself and the hot water quantity of the enough cave stone bath of the depth to the waist are also finely clear mostly.Please enjoy a sense of togetherness with the nature of a canyon, and a feeling of opening in a mountain stream open-air bath.It is also the inn which many literary men visited.

"Deep in hot spring surrendered by rock where Kajika-frog cries both feeling sorrow night.translate:mountaintrad"
Rohan Koda

* arrive, if a truck train is not taken -- it does not become precocious -- please be sure to confirm the last train
Example of Heisei 24 To 11/15, it is the 15:40 last from Unazuki.
Kurobekyokoku Railway, a timetable

It is a good location to see about the nature of a hall to a canyon.

Mountain stream open-air bath.A valley with year-long snow is visible to the opposite shore.
(Since it is natural, the form of a bathtub and hot water quantity are changed.)

2012-10 -21 revisit

Complete view


Inside of a hall

Entrance stand

Additive-free sweet drink made from fermented rice taken out from rice malt, 400 yen

Shaw Kola coffee of 500 yen (collaboration of white distilled liquor and coffee: delicacy for which the sweetness of white distilled liquor and a coffee smell are conspicuous)

Country-style dishes of a hand structure
The wild grass of a gathered at mountain, fresh water fish cuisine, a char dish grilled with salt

The tempura and buckwheat noodles of a Ms. thistle and vegetables

The char dish grilled with salt with a delicious flavor of Japanese pepper miso

Pteridium aquilinum and shiitake mushroom preeminent for mouthfeel and a taste

The handmade dish of wild plants in which taste adjustment is very delicious


* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
Although there is one heating hot spring, it is a thing for the whom who from which it cannot get down to a dry river bed.Usually, it is not used.
Open-air Bath
The time zone only for a lodger: 4:00 p.m. - 8:30 a.m.

About four mountain-stream open-air baths: 1 for males, 3 for mixed bathing
The open-air bath which is used for an upper part by a charter is one place.
One cave stone bath: For women
* The number of bathtubs, hot water quantity, and form change according to natural conditions, such as amount of water.
* Since the bathtub is divided, it gets used using soap.

The natural hot spring of a riverside with abundant hot water quantity (2012-10-21)

The open-air bath by which the rock enclosure was carried out

Cave bath

Guest Room
18 rooms, 60 persons

Guest room

It is beautiful bedding and they are a good sleep and a yukata heavy outer kimono.

The peak of a guest room to the opposite shore

Twelve halls, 28 mats


Near Station
On foot-from kanetsuri station about 5 minutes

- Top - Unazukimachi, Shimo-Niikawa-gun, Toyama-ken Oku-kurobe
Telephone: 0765-62-1103 FAX:0765-62-1103
Winter telephone: 0765-65-0023
Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
The parking of a private car in Kurobekyokoku Railway Unazuki Ekimae is convenient.
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