Renge(Niigata ) |Hot springs deep inside Japan

- Niigata Yokomachi, Itoigawa-shi

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[Outline] Renge-Niigata Yokomachi, Itoigawa-shi
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[Business] Winter closure:10-20~ Open This Year:3-16~
[One day trip bathing] 10:00-15:30, and 800 yen * indoor hot spring and an Open air / only Open air 500 yen
[Address] Itoigawa-shiYoko-machi 5-5-14
[Telephone] (09025)24-7237 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
The renge Senkino-yu first sexual intercourse was bathing in moonlight past [ of night ] 8:00.The Japanese North Alps which still appears at a moonlight night was imminent before it, and has thought a view like this and whether there was any open-air bath of wilderness full marks sure enough this much until now.and -- if it reaches about 100 m from a Senkino-yu, and there will be a stone-made Yakushino-yu carried out in a small way and it will go down to a forest -- the bathtub of the Log for one person in a Koganeno-yu and a Sangokuichino-yu -- it overflows in an exciting way.Spring quality is also different, respectively and it can enjoy it.It is also exceptional to look at the Alps on the bench of a large garden involving four hot springs.Seemingly in the Log structure in character with the hot spring of a mountain, an indoor hot spring is also a volcanic hot spring, and the mineral-rich sediment of ash gray had precipitated to the framing table.It seems that business was done in the isolated lodge of 2 stories of wooden hut building, and the Edo last stage.

the mountain skiing from Tsugaike -- hiking -- an account -- the renge here mountain skiing
* They are not business and a ryokan with a hot spring as a hut.
* Please put out the light and flashlight-bring at 9:00 for a home generation of electricity.
* There are not a yukata, a washing set, a telephone, television, etc.
* A toilet is rinsing.

It overlooks from the right to the hem of Mt. Asahi, a Mt.Yukikura-dake, Hachigatake, and a smallness renge mountain.* This photograph is inn offer.

New building inside of a hall

Main building guest room

Hut dish.
an Example
A pork cutlet, simmered dishes, a vinegared, boiled rice, miso soup, etc.
  • Meal place: Every morning and evening dining-room.
* a half board -- both consumption and bathing tax included
Adult 8500 yen Including tax
Child 6800 yen Including tax
The charge of a single room: It is attached to one room and is 4000 yen (1 - 6 persons),

* Winter closure The middle of the month of October 20 every day - a March

Indoor Hot Spring
The bathtub of the total hot spring, a Separated by gender, and a Log structure

One-day-trip bathing: 10:00-15:30, 800 yen
* an indoor hot spring and an open-air bath -- both -- a bath can be taken .
Open-air Bath
A Senkino-yu, a Koganeno-yu, a Yakushino-yu, and a Sangokuichino-yu
* It bathes in mixed company altogether.
Guest Room
29 rooms, 120 persons


Near Station
Oito Line: Hiraiwa station -> renge going bus terminal

- Top - renge office:
4-9, Hon-cho, Itoigawa-shi, Niigata-ken, 941-0068
Telephone: 0255-52-1063 (winter)

RengeOnsenLodge direct telephone line: 090-2524-7237
Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
Public-parking full equipment, no charge
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