Masuya(Nagano Tazawa) |Hot springs deep inside Japan

The inn associated with Touson Shimazaki - Nagano Aoki-mura, Chiisagata-gun

    Japanese home
[Outline] The inn associated with Touson Shimazaki Masuya-NaganoTazawa Aoki-mura, Chiisagata-gun
[Privilege] point10% (* point not applicable: Holiday season )
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] 500 yen Up to around <1>:00 to <2>:00.
[Address] ChiisagataCounty
[Telephone] (0268)49-2001 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
the roof which required the gabled, hipped roof and the gradient is beautiful -- high -- the wooden Japanese style traditional lodge which consists of four buildings, such as a tall building and Shirakabe's is built in a sloping ground -- high -- Touson Shimazaki who a mountain range of Asama was desired from the tall building, and was still obscurity at the time of a meiji -- the inside of the "Chikuma River sketch" ... a measure store is the good Spa accommodation of a view.... a tall building -- the mountains in whole long distance Asama were overlooked from the top.It is described as ...with that time -- high -- in a tall building, a connoisseur's young master receives the dish which pursues "a nice thing."

- It was designated as the registered tangible cultural properties of the country.

"Touson Shimazaki -- associated with -- high -- a tall building -- " -- a main building

Inside of a hall

A sulphuric smell, the family bath of free-flowing hot-spring water.

The inn used as the stage of the movie "table tennis hot spring."If you go out after being appreciated?

Focusing on wild grass river fish, it is a handmade dish altogether.

Local river fish, the wild grass of a seasonal gathered at mountain, the Saku carp, raw horse meat, a homemade aperitif

An example (it carries out before and after number of articles by a Rates)
The carp hors d'oeuvre, three hors d'oeuvre, chawan-mushi, and boiled in soy and sugar, sweetfish food wrapped in paper and grilled (summer), carp sliced raw fish, raw horse meat, one-pot dishes, simmered dishes, a flied, a vinegared, pickled vegetables, a soup
(An aperitif, a delicacy, a bowl, dessert)

Sake-taster recommended sake-tasting set
<> Local-breweries-sake compare set
An Okazaki brewery, a Kutsukake brewery, and a Wada-ryu brewery
<> Wada dragon set
A fresh sake, a bitter, and a pure rice sake
<> Sake-tasting well-polished-sake set
* It is 90 ml 3 cup, respectively.

Menu (an example)

  • Special thing: White distilled liquor, wine, etc.
  • Meal place: A supper is a room and a dining-room in the morning.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
A Large bathroom, a Separated by gender.
* The instruction of 100% of the fountainhead and an ancestor is protected, and it is free-flowing hot-spring water.
Room rest: 4000 yen - 6000 yen
One-day-trip bathing: 500 yen From around <1>:00 to <2>:00.
Open-air Bath
It is a juxtaposition Separated by gender to an indoor hot spring.It is a good location to see about the mountain range of Asama.
Family Bath
There are two.
Guest Room
15 Japanese-style rooms and inner 8 room are between two.80 persons accommodation
A large room and a table tennis room, a coffee machine every freshly ground [ one cup ]
Near Station
Ueda station -> an Aucuba japonica going bus, a terminal Aucuba japonica -> tazawa going village bus, a terminal tazawa

- Top -
Tazawa, Aoki-mura, Chiisagata-gun, Nagano-ken, 386-1601 hot spring
Telephone: 0268-49-2001 FAX:0268-49-2018
Welcome and Send-off
Up to an Aucuba japonica bus stop.
the group (more than 7 persons) -- please consult.
Parking Lot
It is.
  • 2023-12-08(Fri)