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Red leaves, a hidden hot spring, a ravine - Nagano Takayama-mura, Kami-Takai-gun.. Reservation point10% (* point not applicable: Saturday or the day before national holiday Holiday season Designated season)

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[Outline] Red leaves, a hidden hot spring, a ravine Koyokan-NaganoShichimi Takayama-mura, Kami-Takai-gun
[Privilege] point10% (* point not applicable: Saturday or the day before national holiday Holiday season Designated season)
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] The adult of 500 yen
[Address] Kami-Takai-gunTakayama-mura shichimi
[Telephone] (0262)42-2710 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
Shinshu alp Onsenkyo located in the deepest part of the famous place "Matsukawa ravine" of red leaves, the hidden spring of a shichimi.When madam handmade characters began conversation, and began (completely) to move by the renewal in Heisei 23 and the Entrance was entered, it became the warm which jumped into the world of Studio Ghibli completely in 胸躍る space.The open-air bath along a ravine constructs a big rock to natural touch, and is full of a wilderness, and its feeling of freedom is wonderful, and it is exciting stone bath.The dot which goes through cave bath from the inner bath of a hinoki is also unique.The red leaves of autumn are not lost, but the view of the deep green Matsukawa ravine and the opposite shore is also wonderful, its hot spring is good, a dish is good, an institution is also beautiful, and local is a famous heart-warming inn.The fresh slices of live fish arranged to look lifelike of fresh char are attached with a rack rate.

2006.6, renewal of stay 2011.7 renewal

Entrance * Heisei 23-year renewal

Lobby lounge

A madam handmade character

The lovely flower with which the yard is decorated, a June

The fish with head and tail of wild grass fresh water fish cuisine and char is attached.

Many wild grass which a husband goes into a mountain and it takes, char of fish preserve nonstop, etc.It does not take out tunas.

The nonstop from the fish preserve of a garden, mouthfeel of a Puri-Puri

Apple gratin

* A supper usually becomes char fresh slices of live fish arranged to look lifelike, a char dish grilled with salt, and a chawan-mushi course of foie gras.(2011/07)

Each was tasted with the home-made dish, and it was deep and obtained very deliciously.It is right or wrong about the char of the Puri-Puri shining black.

Meal place:
It is a hall in the morning and a supper is a single room.

The restaurant of a single room (Tatami dining room)

Rock structure boy open-air bath (Asao woman shift)

'08, charcoal bath establishment

Wild grass is a wild banboo sprout, bracken, climax Aralia cordata, etc. in large numbers.

I have yielded in bracken and a season.

* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring

The indoor hot spring, hinoki bath, Separated by gender which were remodeled

One-day-trip bathing: The adult of 500 yen
Open-air Bath

Cave bath and this point are female open-air baths.

It passes through cave bath from an indoor hot spring, and is a female open-air bath.

A Separated by gender and both are structed by rocks (Asao woman shift).
Guest Room

Three the three second floor Japanese-style-room with toilets (H23 renewal) and the second floor Japanese-style-room with toilets, and second floor Japanese-style-room toilet[ the ]-less 1 room: A total of seven rooms

The space, the stand, etc. of a hall and lobby relaxation (homemade bottling)

Near Station
From a Shinkansen Nagano station, from Nagano Electric Railway 20 minute "Suzaka" and Suzaka, it is bus 40 minutes and is a yamada.
Welcome and Send-off
It is, and welcomes and sends off from a yamada (* important-point reservation: when busy, it cannot accept.).

- Top -Postcode382
Takayama-mura, Kami-Takai-gun, Nagano-ken shichimi
Telephone 026-242-2710 FAX 026-242-2710
Parking Lot
Full equipment Please consult about a bus.
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