Shichimi (Nagano) [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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[Outline] Nagano Shichimi @Takayama-mura, Kami-Takai-gun The hidden hot spring of the Shirane-san system, emerald green 7 change, and the Matsukawa ravine
[Spring quality] 70 ° Include salt gypsum hydrogen sulfide spring
[Altitude] About 1350-m Heights
[Environment] Four houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The Matsukawa ravine, a Kaminari waterfall, and Yamada-Bokujo

The Characteristic
The hidden hot spring of the deepest part which also makes a boiling pot consider and which wells ups to the hot-spring [ of the greenish clouded white ], and Nagano-ken side of the Shirane-san system in the Matsukawa ravine.Water temperature is also high and it can enjoy a big open-air bath.When going from Shirane-san, although a certain thing also has a path through a wood which goes direct, a landslide many and the route from which it once gets down to a yamada are safe.In autumn, the Matsukawa ravine where all the mountains are wrapped in red leaves is called Mikuni 1, and the outskirts of Yataki serve as a famous place of red leaves.

Matsukawa ravine

Time of the end of an October, and red leaves

The hot spring into which blue, a clouded white, and a color are changed from green
(Photograph: Kouyoukan open-air bath)

The view from cave bath

It is bloom Yamano grass to the Kouyoukan yard.

The raccoon dog which coaxes food every night.

70 °, an included salt gypsum-fibrosum hydrogen sulfide spring
Cardiopathy, gastroenteropathy, rheumatism, a skin disease, atopic dermatitis, etc.
Public Bathhouse
The one day trip bathing possible of a Ryokan besides a Kouyoukan
By Train
Tokyo -> Shinkansen -> Nagano station -> Nagano Electric Railway 20 minutes, the Suzaka station
Nagoya -> Limited Express Shinano Nagano station -> Nagano Electric Railway 20 minutes, the Suzaka station
From Suzaka to a bus 40-minute yamada -> it welcomes and sends off.
By Car
Tokyo -> Joshin-etsu Expressway -> Suzaka Nagano-higashi IC
Nagoya -> the Joshin-etsu way in a center and Nagano -> Suzaka Nagano-higashi IC
Suzaka Nagano-higashi IC -> about 20 km
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