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[Outline] The noted spring of a hot-spring cure Meiji-Nagano Chino
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[One day trip bathing] Adult of 800 yen School-child 400 yen 11:0 - 17:00 * important point reservation 0266672660
[Telephone] (0266)67-2660 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
The occupation as a spa resort is continued from the time of a meiji, and fountainhead (cold spring) cascading water hot springs has still become the symbol existence of "the warm spring cured clearly."Cascading water hot springs A bath tub has the moderate depth and has become a bathtub whose number is one.Why is it that feels it warm after that only by the cold spring of 23 degrees feeling chilled only at first?Even if it enters for about ten minutes, the cold is not felt at all.When the coldness-and-warmth contrast bath with rinsingitselfwith hot water outside the bath was continued, it was thought that the efficacy of a hot spring permeated.It is a Poka-Poka warming in the least after a bath.Without adhering to a seamount, the elaborative handmade Japanese food is delicious at a decent result, goes to a mountain at the season of wild grass and a mushroom, and can obtain a produced in the district and the gustation of Mt. Yatsugatake.Although there is no setup of a hot-spring cure Rates, a long-term stay is in a brochure with consultation, and I think that it is the inn I would like you to utilize as a spa resort.Although a ravine is also a famous place of red leaves, the ice pillar with which the ravine which a husband is continuing making from the 80s bristles is visionary, and serves as coloring of winter of Tateshina.

A mountain and a ravine are a certain meijis.


Mountain side guest room

Wood stove.Firewood is stacked in a husband and a mountain.

Visionary ice pillar lighting

Christmas plan 2007
A handmade cake, a glass of wine, etc. are attached, 13000 yen is crowded, and it is 12/1~12/26.
In a couple, it is a hall cake of the heart.

Japanese food home-made dish foods of a wild grass subject:
a seamount attractive foods, wild grass and a mushroom, and a foliage plant -- freezing -- a Chinese radish (up to June time)

three hors d'oeuvre (an eels egg roll and chicken ground meat, an omelet, etc.), a row slices, white-fleshed fish teriyaki, thick-deep-fried-tofu bean curd, chawan-mushi, tempura, a vinegared, and baking -- mackerel and tea -- "steamed buckwheat noodles rolled in fish cut open" of thin wheat noodles, and the ingredient of a chicken, and white-fleshed fish and hackberry Shimeji mushroom vegetables -- many cooked in a pots, boiled rice, soup, and a dessert.

A dish example * cooked in a pot is the 2 public.

a meiji have good reputation -- freezing -- a Chinese radish

* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
Man and woman each 1 (making it strike with a hot spring)

Indoor hot spring

* The ultra-red ray effect and the coldness-and-warmth contrast bath of iron improve circulation, and warm the body.
Open-air Bath

* A window is installed in winter.

Guest Room
23 rooms, 60 persons Group 70 persons
50 halls
Near Station
From the Chuo Line Chino station, it is a bus and they are about 40 minutes and a meiji entrance bus stop. On foot about 5 minutes
Shinkansen Sakudaira -> white birch lake going bus about 70 minutes, and white birch lake terminal alighting -> taxi about 30 minutes

Okutateshina area Meiji onsen
- Top - Chino-shi, Nagano okutateshina
Telephone: 0266-67-2660

Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
About ten sets (up to a small micro)
Distance km