Jigokudani (Nagano) [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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[Outline] Nagano Jigokudani @Yamanouchimachi, Shimo-Takai-gun An infernal scene, an ape, and mixed bathing of a sprushing hot spring are also a certain hidden hot springs to a ravine.
[Spring quality] From 60 ° to a 90 ° weak alkaline gypsum spring bitter taste spring
[Altitude] About 1100 m, the hidden hot spring in a gorge
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] Snow-Monky-Park Snow Monky Park, the Shiga Heights, and Shirane-san

The Characteristic
The hidden hot spring of the isolated lodge of a Yokoyu-river ravine.Atmosphere just of [ from a ravine base rock, a hot spring wells ups here and there, and ] a jigokudani in a sprushing hot spring.A singing frog frog cries with a thaw, a little bird becomes chirp fresh green in spring, and summer when a firefly flies about comes.It is said that bathing of the monkey of a "Snow Monkey Park" is globally unparalleled, and comes for entering also to the isolated lodge of a jigokudani, and the hot open-air bath of a Kourakukan in fame and winter.

The isolated lodge of a jigokudani "Kourakukan"

Kourakukan open-air bath

An ape also likes a hot hot spring in winter.

A Snow Monky Park, the monkey under bathing

A Yokoyu river and the left parking lot

On foot-from parking lot about 10 minutes (only summer)

Kourakukan bath structure and a sprushing hot spring

The sulfur spring which oozes from a Yokoyu-river quay

The open-air bath which carried out the rock enclosure on the base rock

The Onsen rice dumpling in bamboo leaves transmitted a jigokudani have good reputation and each generation
5 yen [ 700 ], 1400 yen for souvenirs

60 ° to 90 °, a weak alkaline gypsum-fibrosum spring bitter taste spring
Neuralgia, a rheumatic disease, gastroenteropathy, hemorrhoids, etc.
Public Bathhouse
They are an one day trip bathing good and an adult of 500 yen at a Kourakukan.
The bath in a Separated by gender, and an open-air bath (only for mixed bathing and a woman)
By Train
Tokyo station -> Nagano Shinkansen -> Nagano station -> Nagano Electric Railway -> yudanaka
Nagoya station -> Limited Express Shinano -> Nagano station -> Nagano Electric Railway -> yudanaka
Yudanaka station -> bus -> kanbayashi bus stop (terminal) -> on foot about 35 minutes
Nagano station -> express bus (the Shiga Heights going) -> kanbayashi mouth bus stop -> on foot about 45 minutes, about 2.5 km
* The kanbayashi mouth bus stop of the Shiga Heights line : it is the lower hit of the romantic art museum of the national road 292, and becomes on foot about 200 m to a kanbayashi bus stop.
■ Kanbayashi Route
Superior [ of a kanbayashi ] has a Snow-Monky-Park entrance.The promenade where the rest is flat although it is sudden at first just for a moment(1.8 km on foot [ about 30-minute ])

Kanbayashi route.To the place where a slope can be seen, the rest is flat.

■ Shibu Route (Passing Each Other is [ 12/1 - 3 / 31 Winter Closing, and More Than Standard-sized Car ] Difficult)
When it goes the steep hill way in front of a shibu and a Shingen-kama-buro, it is about 300-m, about 30 m of vertical interval, and on foot about 10 minutes from a jigokudani parking lot (standard-sized car of 500 yen), and there in about 2 km, and it is a Kourakukan.
A jigokudani parking lot is the around bridge currently written to be a jigokudani ravine (left of a red hot spring mark), when the google map of synthesis information is expanded.
* Both of the routes are light Mandatory after the evening.
By Car
Tokyo -> Joshin-etsu Expressway -> Shinshu Nakano IC->R292 -> kanbayashi -> on foot about 30 minutes
Nagoya -> central way -> Nagano way -> Joshin-etsu way -> Shinshu Nakano IC->R292 -> kanbayashi -> on foot about 30 minutes
Parking Lot
Snow-Monkey-Park parking lot (no charge)
Kourakukan parking lot: This side of a Snow-Monkey-Park parking lot top good at a kanbayashi, and Mr. Enza
Kourakukan: Telephone 0269-33-4376
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