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The lodge not known in public of one-day lot limitation - Nagano Nagisomachi, Kiso-gun.. Reservation point5%

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[Outline] The lodge not known in public of one-day lot limitation Takiminoie-NaganoTakimi Nagisomachi, Kiso-gun
[Privilege] point5%
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] Adult [ of 700 yen ], and child of 300 yen 10:00 - 16:00 * There is no family bath of an one day trip.
[Address] Kiso-gunAzuma, Nagisomachi Fukibata
[Telephone] (0264)58-2165 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The nature of Kiso is felt for the natural fine tree forest at the foot of Mt. Nagiso at which it looks afar over the Araragi-river of the back.
The bathtub of the Kiso precious wood and hot water also have a feeling to touch hot water fresh to enjoying oneself by the smooth hot spring of an alkali simple sulfur spring, and an only 1 guest for the day, and are a supreme hot spring.
Before a hot spring comes out, he is the restaurant of the Yamaga dish. The front was dropped in repeatedly and it could not be in the fish preserve of a garden, the guest room building on a pond, the floor of timber brick, and the roofing board without interest at the effect unique to Takiminoies, such as a ceiling of cedar bark tension.
An only 1 guest for the day, the lodge of one-day lot limitation, and a meal are to between the sunken hearths of a structure with profound total Kiso hinoki and thick beam.
the Yamaga dish which I receive in a sunken hearth, the cooked in a pot concerning a free key, and the get on skewer and skewered rice-cake with sesame, miso or soy sauce of char which are roasted over distant fire are full-scale very -- it is expectation -- a chest swelling salmon.