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The lodge not known in public of one-day lot limitation - Nagano Nagisomachi, Kiso-gun.. Reservation point5%

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[Outline] The lodge not known in public of one-day lot limitation Takiminoie-NaganoTakimi Nagisomachi, Kiso-gun
[Privilege] point5%
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] Adult [ of 700 yen ], and child of 300 yen 10:00 - 16:00 * There is no family bath of an one day trip.
[Address] Kiso-gunAzuma, Nagisomachi Fukibata
[Telephone] (0264)58-2165 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
Char with the sufficient vigor to the restaurant and live-box in which a store is established swims in the mountain in Nagiso, and a guest room building is built in Ikenoue.It passed along the front repeatedly and could not be in not holding interest in the store of the Yamaga dish which stands in this personality case with a hot spring.When I saw you several years after the wide swing several times, he heard that the inn of lot limitation was begun on the first, and I looked at the waterfall on the day of summer, and received the hot spring instantly.Probably because business was done in a small way, the bathtub of the Kiso hinoki structure also had the fresh feeling to touch hot water, and the smooth hot spring of the alkaline spring was very satisfactory.If it visits anew, the natural forest at the foot of Mt. Nagiso which competes for a crown will approach the back of an inn, and it will give the deep nature which is there immediately.The beam of the ground to the extent that it is full of warmth of pure Logs, such as a floor of a pallet, a ceiling of cedar bark tension, furniture, and a screen, especially the sunken hearth restaurant of a structed-by-Japanese-cypress structure exceeds a 45cm is passed, and the highlight and the main prejudices are felt.Please get used to the treatment of fire which enjoys a hot spring by an only 1 guest for the day, and surrounds a furnace by a Separate from main, as for the cooked in a pot concerning a free key, release steam hotly, and enjoy a long night in the inn which can be called a lodge not known in public char and the skewered rice-cake with sesame, miso or soy sauce which are roasted over distant fire are fragrant, and very full-scale [ a skewered rice-cake with sesame, miso or soy sauce ], and true.

* It is also the plan of fishing with the time of a thaw to a live-box.
* A continuous-stay welcome, service special from the Lord


The Yamaga dish, a Takiminoie

Ikegami's guest room and Entrance

The restaurant of a takimi

Ikehata's guest room

Also a live-box and the pleasure of a thaw to fishing

Sale with the loan of a "cat" handmade in the woman of an inn is also 2000 yen and 2500 yen.
Yamaga dish.
A cooked in a pot and char are also the manes of an horse all year round on that day in wild grass, the Natsukawa fish, the Aki matsutake, and winter in spring.

While enjoying the feel of a pure board,
It is the Ikenoue guest room hallway to a sunken hearth restaurant,
At the time expectation filled my heart.

The restaurant of a sunken hearth

Pleasure surrounding [ an associate ] a furnace

Overflowing foods, a hot cooked in a pot

The skewered rice-cake with sesame, miso or soy sauce which the Lord treats

Night of an only 1 guest for the day

Meal Place:
Supper: Between structed-by-Japanese-cypress structure sunken hearths
Breakfast: Restaurant
Foods: Wild grass river fish does not reach for saying, but sky sun curing of the rice is carried out, and, as for vegetables, family differ in the taste of private cultivation and pickles with organic no agrochemicals.

Good char of a vigor

Handmade breakfast

Ikehata's guest room H29/8/23 visited again

* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
Separated by Gender, Open-air Bath Juxtaposition
One day trip bathing:
10:00 to 16:00, adult 700 円 子供 of 300 yen

Open-air Bath

They are a good-location-to-see takimi open-air bath and a Separated by gender about the waterfall of an Araragi-river ravine.

Family Bath
Since stopping is lot limitation, you can use it as a family bath on the first.
Guest Room
Even for recommendation and 10 persons, even between one-day lot limitation and Japanese-style room 2 and 8 persons are.
Between sunken hearths and a parlor after bath
Near Station
Nagiso station
Azuma, Nagisomachi, Kiso-gun, Nagano-ken Fukibata

Takimi Takiminoie - Top -
Telephone: 0264-58-2165
Welcome and Send-off
At the Nagiso station
Parking Lot
It is.
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