Takimi (Nagano) [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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[Outline] Nagano Takimi @Nagisomachi, Kiso-gun The Nagiso Tsumago inn superior, the isolated lodge of the Yamaga dish, a smooth feeling enough alkaline spring
[Spring quality] It is a good-location-to-see takimi "Takiminoie" open-air bath about 580 mg of sulfur cold mineral spring (water-white) pH8.78 18.7 ° Na230mg H2S 2.1mg total waterfall simple [ alkaline ].
[Altitude] About 850 m, the hidden hot spring of an only 1 guest for the day
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The Akazawa natural recreation forest and Mt. Komagatake, Kisofukushima [ the Tsumago inn, Mt. Nagiso, the foot orchid campsite of Nagiso, an Otaki Metaki, the Magome inn, a Kakizore ravine, a Nezameno-toko, Mt. Nagiso, and ]

The Characteristic
It is a hot spring of an enough isolated lodge to the Fukibata and Tokonami Heights which went up the Araragi-river about 10 km from the Tsumago inn in the altitude of about 850 m of Mt. Nagiso Higashifumoto.The store of the Yamaga dish pulls a hot spring with development of a fukibata kogen, and it will do business as Spa accommodation of lot limitation on the first now.Although the alkali simple sulfur cold mineral spring of pH 8.9 and a not much hot alkaline spring are not heard, 18.7 °, the part of those, or the becoming smooth feeling can be enjoyed also here.When the central Alps was traversed from Mt. Komagatake and it could get down to the isolated lodge of this Yamaga dish, the ideal was considered, but the climb down to entry was truly carried out from a long time and Mt. Utsuki to Ikeyama so far.But it is a hot spring recommended not only Mt. Nagiso but behind the central Alps by a car to Komagane IC for about 1 hour.

The enough takimi of two ponds and waterfalls

A Takiminoie, the Ikenoue guest room building

The hot spring back, the waterfall of an Araragi-river.

From near a hot spring entrance to the Mt. Nagiso hem distant view

The Araragi-river near a Large Tsumago inn

From Mt. Nagiso to Mt. Ena
A right-hand Tsumago inn and a takimi are left hands.

Spray-of-snow drift Mt. Nagiso 1679 m

Tsumago inn

Mitsunori Zen temple

The complete view of the Mitsunori Zen temple to the Tsumago inn.

The incense stick of Kyoto found in the Mitsunori Zen temple,
300 yen each in which there is a good smell.

Alkaline simple sulfur cold mineral spring (water-white)
pH8.78 18.7 ° Na230mg H2S 2.1mg total 580mg

It is a good-location-to-see takimi "Takiminoie" open-air bath about a waterfall.

The path through a wood and cedar forest in front of a hot spring, the next morning

return -- the Kiso hinoki handicrafts -- pleasing .

(A chest, bath equipment and a make-buckwheat-noodle spread board, all the Kiso hinokis)
The Kiso Hinoki injury Shimizu forestry lumber

It is a "Otaki Metaki" if it is snout wrecking.

It is a course recommended [ the path through a wood of about 20 minutes and quiet powdery snow / in a snowshoes trekking ] to the Otaki Metaki from about 30 minutes and a hut, from near the foot orchid campsite of Nagiso to a trailhead refuge hut.
O It is reference also here:
Mt. Nagiso mountain climbing, winter
Cross-over Iida IC-> Komagane IC is about 1 hour about the Seinaiji Pass.
Central Alps Mt. Komagatake-sacred sword mountain-Mt. Utsuki
neuralgia, muscular pain, the arthralgia, a frozen shoulder, a motor paralysis, and a joint bruise [ a harden and ] - break - hemorrhoids, a chronic digestive disease, a chronic skin disease, oversensitivity to cold, recovery from fatigue, and after [ the illness ] convalescence
Peculiar Efficacy
They are a crack and diabetes only in chronic skin disease and women's-diseases -.
Public Bathhouse
Takimi at one day trip bathing possible
By Train

Tokyo -> JR Chuo Line (express train) Nagiso station
Nagoya -> the JR Chuo Line Nagiso station alighting

Please consult about the whom-who welcome and send-off of stopping by taxi from the Nagiso station for about 20 minutes.(Takiminoie)
By Car
Tokyo -> Chuo Expressway -> Iida IC -> about 35 km
Nagoya -> Chuo Expressway -> Nakatsugawa IC -> about 28 km
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