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Eel hot spring - Miyagi Naruko-cho, Tamatsukuri-gun.. Reservation

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[Outline] Eel hot spring Takuhide-MiyagiNakayamadaira Naruko-cho, Tamatsukuri-gun
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing]
[Address] Tamatsukuri-gun20-9, Hoshinuma, Naruko-cho
[Telephone] (0229)87-2216 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
The wooden Ryokan of a present age Japanese style extended in Heisei 7.An inn is like [ which is in the quiet sloping ground near River Daiya, and goes to a famous place "Naruko valley" on foot ].The spring quality characterizes first the hot spring called an "eel hot spring" from ancient times.It seems that the alkaline hot spring of the touch used as the trolley has an effect also in the trouble of the skins, such as a hot spring of lustrous skin where the skin becomes a crane crane, atopy, and a pimple.It is said that a madam does a hot-spring cure by a nakayamadaira, and actually corrected the umbrella pig of the head when oneself was a baby.And it is said that he thought that he would open a Ryokan when or here.Hot water quantity can also enjoy eight baths by abundance.The kaiseki cuisine of a handy price, and a taste and volume will be satisfied.


The open-air bath of mixed bathing

Separate-from-main guest room "Kotobuki"
A kitchen and a washing machine are equipment so that it can do slowly in a continuous stay.

Kaiseki cuisine of the hometown style.

An example of a dish

oh [ of wild grass and a carp ] -- it is -- the cold dipped in a boiled water and river fish of the steak and the ostrich meat from a professional of - Naruko beef -- the bean paste dengaku and season of char -- a master chief's original dishes, such as natural sweetfish sushi of the Mogami river, -- hospitality.(The content of the * dish is changed.)

  • Ostrich meat is the food of topic a frank taste and these days [ healthy at low fat ].
  • Meal place: An every morning and evening and hall mata is a restaurant.Room foods are also possible.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
As for two yukata preparation, massaging machine no charge and free drink fullness, and esthetic, only Saturday is on Friday.
Indoor Hot Spring
Bathroom "hot spring of long life" man and woman each 1 with a mixed bathing open-air bath
  • 24-hour bathing good, free-flowing hot-spring water (un-circulating)
  • Some bath is cleaned by turns every day (it does not put in cleaning.).
Open-air Bath
Mixed bathing open-air bath 1
Open-air bath "Tsurukame's hot spring" man and woman each 1
Guest Room
Main building: Twelve Japanese-style rooms, one European-style room
Separate from main: Three Separate-from-main European-style rooms
70 persons accommodation
All-rooms shower-featured-toilet with toilet
Suite Matsushima: A guest room with an exclusive open-air bath (hinoki bath)
A hall and a bar
Near Station
Furukawa station -> the Rikuu Tosen high speed about 40 minutes, the Naruko station, or a nakayamadaira station

- Top - 20-9, Hoshinuma, Naruko-cho, Tamatsukuri-gun, Miyagi-ken, 989-6832
Telephone: 0229-87-2216 FAX:0229-87-2354
Welcome and Send-off
The Naruko station and a mata are nakayamadaira stations.
Parking Lot
Full equipment
  • 2021-04-16(Fri)