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The wooden structure of a hexagon - Mie Komono-cho, Mie-gun.. Reservation

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[Outline] The wooden structure of a hexagon Suigetsu-MieYunoyama Komono-cho, Mie-gun
[Privilege] One person sticks like and alcoholic drinks, beer, or one juice gives their service.
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] Improper
[Address] Mie-gun8526, Komono, Komono-cho
[Telephone] (0593)92-2551 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
The leg was stopped in the attractive point enough building of the Mitaki-river border.They are a wooden two-story building of a building, a snug Japanese style Entrance, pure wooden warm enough inside of a hall, and a with a number of guest rooms quiet and homely inn of five rooms at the first time of Showa.The kaiseki cuisine using fresh fish and shellfish gets in the room, and can enjoy a homely, therefore fresh hot spring fully in the bath of the size in which a charter is possible.A husband feels easy about the simple dishes "Suigetsu" which do business on the first floor, and the hot-spring uphill can enjoy the night of a yunoyama.

Visited again: 2005/6

A Mitaki river is desired and it is the Large chorus of a rudder night.


Mitaki-river good-location-to-see guest room

Family bath

Husbands are business and simple dishes "Suigetsu" at the first floor.

There is no sing along machine and it is a quiet cookshop.

Kaiseki cuisine.(Dish Ryokan)
The beat of fresh fresh slices of raw fish, a beef, and a chicken, the sweetfish grilled with salt, the steak, etc. were all delicious, and it was the volume which moreover has not been experienced until now.(12000 yen course)

"Beat of beef and chicken" wives are fresh vegetables.

It is fresh and they are a thick slice and this volume!

Sweetfish dish grilled with salt

They are a wild boar, a deer, and a wild duck in winter, such as the fresh delicacies from the sea and sweetfish, the Matsuzaka beef, etc. which were fried in Isewan of the local Yokkaichi-shi place.

an Example
8-10 articles, such as a salad, a small bowl, etc. of fresh slices of raw fish, a vinegared, the broiled fish, simmered dishes, deep-fried dishes, the Matsuzaka beef steak, chawan-mushi (they are thin wheat noodles, a steamed egg custard, etc. in summer), and a crab.
* Number of articles and a content, especially fresh slices of raw fish change on a budget.

  • Meal place: Every morning and evening room foods.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
The Large bathroom 1, a charter possible, with a key.
All faucet showers use and boil the fountainhead again.
A hot spring has hot-spring payment cleaning and no drugs injection every day.
  • One-day-trip bathing: Improper
Family Bath
The tiled family bath 1.
Guest Room
Five Japanese-style rooms (an inner toilet and 1 room with washing)
Near Station
From the bus terminal for Yunoyama Hot Spring, it is on foot and is about 3 minutes.

- Top -Postcode510-1233
Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie-ken Yunoyama Hot Spring
Telephone: 059392-2551 FAX:059392-2661
Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
Several sets
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